Central Office: Our Temporary Home

To clear the way for the construction of our long-anticipated Performing Arts Center, our Administration Offices will be moving from our 20th Avenue location to Church Street in Jenison.  We are grateful to have found a rental that will suit our needs while being budget-minded for our projected 18 month stay.

Contact information for this new location as of December 19:

7506 Church Ct.

Jenison, MI 49428

Phone: 616-457-8890

For information on other relocations within the district due to construction, please visit HERE.

5 comments on “Central Office: Our Temporary Home

  1. Just wanted to say that nobody asked for my permission to build the Roman Colosseum over there in front of the high school. Or for that matter all of the flashy signs in front of the schools. I have no idea how much I paid for them, but I do know how much my taxes were increased. You are messing with my escrow and raising my monthly payment, and I don’t appreciate that.

  2. I was wondering what the cost would be if my production company would rent out the center for a few hours for an production event if that option is available for non profit production companies. the even would not be hosted for a couple of years probably but just for future references it was something i needed to know. we have not been in business for a while but we want to start back up and host shows once again in the near future.

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