Your Bond Dollars = New Carpet

Students at Rosewood Elementary enjoy learning on new carpet.


This fall was a busy time for everyone in Jenison. Not only were teachers prepping for new students and new possibilities, they were clearing out their rooms for the latest blessing of your bond dollars: new carpeting!

With constant traffic having taken its toll on the flooring in each of our schools, laying down fresh, heavy-duty rolls was a necessity.  High school rooms that had once been duct-taped to prevent further unraveling of old carpets now enjoy something industrial-strength that will last for years to come. Classrooms, hallways, and media centers at the Junior High and each of our elementary buildings are once again preened at the level of quality you’ve come to expect in Jenison.

Beside the obvious benefit of a nice aesthetic, the real victory is won when I visit classrooms like the one pictured above and see kids sprawled out with flashcards and games that reinforce the top-notch direct instruction they receive each day.

I’m so grateful that for a community who sent a message loud and clear last spring: We believe in the power of a great education! We believe in JPS!

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