Jenison’s Spanish Immersion Program

If there were one thing I could instantly add to my skill set, without a doubt it would be the ability to speak another language. In our evolving global marketplace, effortlessly connecting with others from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities would be a priceless tool.

And while I may not know domingo from julio, I’m so proud to say that our Spanish Immersion students DO! Jenison kindergarten and first grade students at Bursley and Rosewood Elementary Schools spend their days listening, speaking, and learning in Spanish. And from what we’re hearing, they are bilinguals in the making!

Keri, mom to first-grader Alex, recently shared a story of her family’s mini-vacation to Chicago, where they ate at a Mexican restaurant. When the waiter (a native speaker) approached their table, he greeted the family with a friendly “Hola“; to everyone’s surprise, was answered by an eager six year-old.

Keri saw her son bloom when put in a real-life situation where Spanish was spoken. She heard him string sentences together and wondered if he could possibly be making any sense! The waiter assured her of his gains when commenting that he “wouldn’t have known the difference from a kid who grew up in a Spanish-speaking country.”

Mrs. Alferink works with a small group at Rosewood El.

Having started in 2010, Jenison’s Spanish Immersion program has grown to over 100 participating students and continually has a waiting list for interested families. Our reputation precedes us and we enjoy a diverse group of children attending as “school of choice” students.

With plans to add additional grades each year, JPS continues to demonstrate that we are preparing young minds for a world that is constantly growing and changing. Spanish Immersion is just one way that we are pushing boundaries and opening possibilities. 

~ ~ ~

If you are interested in our program, please contact either of our participating elementary schools for more information:

Bursley Elementary: 616.457.220

Rosewood Elementary: 616.669.0011

2 comments on “Jenison’s Spanish Immersion Program

  1. JPS is hosting a parent meeting for those interested in enrolling their child in Spanish Immersion kindergarten this next Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7 pm in the Rosewood Elementary media center. Come to learn more about how our students are acquiring Spanish skills at an amazing rate and what you need to do to sign your child up.
    A second meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 21 at Bursley Elementary if you can’t make the first one.

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