Spring Student Art Show at JPS

Art students and teachers from L to R: Kendra Beattie, Mrs. Moynihan, Kendall Farkas, Lorin Jollands, Mrs. VanderPlas, Andrew Bosker

Max Eastman once said, “It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.” 

For the next two weeks, art students at Jenison High School are making life, interest, and importance part of the conversation by displaying their work for the community to see. Judged by Kendall College of Art and Design as a high school whose art department is in the top 5% of the state, the imagination captured at the art show does not disappoint.

One such student with a passionate imagination is senior Andrew Bosker. Already dually-enrolled at Kendall College of Art and Design, Andrew is interested in pursuing an illustration degree after graduation and thanks Mrs. VanderPlas for the help she’s offered him as he compiles his portfolio.

“I always pop into the art room if I have extra time so I can work on my current projects. There’s a lot of pressure to create an impressive portfolio and include the right things. Kendall wants us to select only about eight pieces.”

Whether it’s drawing, studio art, painting, or his current AP class, Andrew seems to filter all aspects of his world through the lens of an artist. He eagerly awaits a future in which he can fully utilize his talent as part of his career. Best of luck to you, Andrew!

Kendra Beattie is another senior taking advantage of Kendall College of Art and Design’s dual enrollment option. A Kendall adjunct professor, our own Mrs. VanderPlas (affectionately known by her students as “VP”) teaches extra classes twice a week, offering an additional six hours of instruction for serious artists like Kendra.

“I’ve been taking art since my sophomore year with VP, and through taking her classes and getting her advice on a personal level, my art has improved dramatically,” Kendra said. 

Kendra favors working with watercolor and graphite pencil, and plans to take next year off to work on her portfolio. She plans to pursue a psychology/art study path that will lead to a career as an art therapist. We’re excited to see it happen!

Kendall Farkas is a senior ceramics student who plans to study archaeology next year at GVSU. She knows that art will always be in her future somehow–whether she’s creating it herself or helping to discover the work of people from centuries past.

With a love for pottery, Mrs. Moynihan’s recent project to craft a shoe out of clay with an “outside element” was right up her alley.

“I love Mrs. Moynihan,” Kendall smiled. “I’ve had her for two years now. She’s really talented and you can obviously see that. But it’s the personal attention and encouragement she gives that’s amazing.”

Kendall shared that her inspiration for the key comes from her “love of old things” and her hobby of collecting antiques. Mrs. Moynihan helped her find just the right key for this project, adeptly fitting it between the laces of a red shoe that matched the ones on Kendall’s feet the day we spoke.

Best wishes to her as she begins her adventures after graduation!

Sophomore Lorin Jollands is new to art at JPS, but she already lists “pencil” as her favorite medium to work with.

“Sometimes when you’re walking around you don’t always notice how light hits things…but it can be very pretty. Pencil captures that.”

It’s funny how many things in life go unnoticed when you’re walking around. Whether it’s the way light falls against spring trees or the delicate nature of a nest outside your window, life moves at such a pace that we can easily become blind to its beauty.

I’m grateful that these students and all of our artists in Jenison Public Schools remind us to slow down.

To find something of interest.

To ignite our imaginations.

And to count it all as important.

~ ~ ~

The Spring Student Art Show is set up in the high school media center and is open during school hours.

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