Bursley’s Daddy-Daughter Dance

Bursley Elementary School has a longstanding tradition of supporting student life outside of class and beyond the bindings of textbooks. For many years they have celebrated the special bond between daddy and daughter by hosting a dance sponsored by their parent club.

With a DJ spinning kid-friendly tunes, a photographer on site snapping pictures that will be delivered in frames, and delicious appetizers to snack on, last Friday was a highlight for both students and their guests.

This year’s theme was “Mardi Gras”, so masks and beads were party favors for those in attendance. Previous years have centered around beach or tropical themes, among others.

Guests also had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for prizes that included multiple gift cards to Claire and Justice (in the mall), as well as all of the balloon centerpieces that decorated the gymnasium.

Jim Schultz and his daughter Amelia (pictured above) were all smiles as My Girl crooned in the background. When asked what the best part of her evening had been, Amelia cast only a passing glance at her dad before answering, “THE DANCING!”

Her father stood speechless. “You’re supposed to say that the best part is being with your daddy!” Even despite having shopped for a new dress with mom, Amelia stood firm on her answer—and she wasn’t the only one!

Every girl asked said the same thing: dancing was their favorite! This night is truly a highlight of their spring!

Aaron and Chase Kovac (pictured below) were enjoying their second year at the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Although Chase felt like a Jenison princess having her mom do her hair and paint her nails and toes, dad Aaron quipped, “…I got myself ready…”

When asked what makes the night memorable for him, the glow of love for his little girl was obvious. “The best part for me is just seeing how excited Chase is and being able to spend time with her in a different arena.”

Bursley’s Daddy-Daughter Dance is a good reminder that school is more than a collection of events that happen between 9 and 3. 

School is about the whole child. It’s about coming alongside families and helping them see the potential in their students. It’s about developing skills and drawing attention to talents…

…even if those talents lie on the dance floor of a school gymnasium.

Darren Jackson and daughter Zaria look forward to dancing!

Jason and Mackenzie Mooney take a break together.

Another year of wonderful memories...

Have you attended a Daddy-Daughter Dance at some point in your child’s education? What is your favorite memory?

4 comments on “Bursley’s Daddy-Daughter Dance

  1. Thanks for highlighting this event. I hear students talking about the Daddy Daughter Dance all year long. What a great memory for families. I have pictures on my fireplace from when my daughters attended the dance with their dad in elementary school. Priceless!

    • It says a lot about the event that it has kids talking all year long! …and I love the image of photos on your fireplace of your own daughters. Those memories with daddy are, indeed, priceless! Thanks for your comment, Rane!

  2. What a lovely event! The photography is wonderful! SO glad that these amizing girls had an evening out with the men in their lives.

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