Jenison High School Grads Shine

Despite rain that insisted on falling, Jenison High School grads still found a way to shine. With the high school gymnasium packed to overflowing, grads proudly walked the polished floors one last time as a class.

Theirs was a group of high achievers, graduating 98% of the class and garnering $2.8 million in scholarships all together. The class of 2012 enrolled 242 students in AP classes which resulted in 433 AP exams taken. Their Valedictorian, Levi Adrianson, achieved an amazing 4.39 GPA, with Salutatorian Holly Gagnon not far behind. Truly, Jenison’s graduating class strived for excellence in everything they did!

Superintendent Tom TenBrink addresses the graduates

Superintendent Tom TenBrink used the words of M. Scott Peck to encourage the class to “Have the courage to take the road less traveled.” He continued,  “Life is difficult, but you must be courageous, thoughtful, and wise. Choose to be a leader, not a follower. Walk your talk. Don’t take an easy road just because it’s easy–you’ll learn the most when you confront and solve life’s problems.”

Principal Brandon Graham speaks to the Class of 2012

Following Superintendent TenBrink, Dr. Brandon Graham, principal of Jenison High School began his speech with words that rang true:

“The good news, graduates, is that life is simple. The bad news is, it’s just not easy.”

Dr. Graham went on to outline five steps the graduates should take to find the kind of lives we all want to live–the kind that are rewarding and fulfilling and bring joy. He admonished them to work hard, tell the truth, love those around you, be grateful for the blessings you have, and enjoy the moments life brings you.

Dr. Graham welcomes Valedictorian Levi Adrianson to the podium for his commencement address

The evening was filled with wonderful reflections and heartfelt thoughts, singing and music, including senior selection “We Go Together” from the hit musical Grease. Truly, despite the rain, this class found a way to overcome the drear and celebrate their milestone together: four years of ups and downs, four years of learning and journeying together, and four years of building friendships that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! We wish you all the best as you forge a new path into the future!

Seniors singing “We Go Together”

Lifelong friends and classmates: Christian Reed welcomes Kelsey McKinney to give the Senior Address

Staff & Faculty applaud the accomplishments of JHS graduates

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