JPS Art Programs Win Gold

During a summer of Olympic excitement, the eyes of the world are turned to television screens everywhere, counting gold medals and rooting for the stars and stripes. What we may not realize is that gymnasts and sprinters aren’t the only hopefuls when it comes to winning.

Artists also compete, and over the past few years, Jenison has consistently been on the podium holding gold. To showcase the accomplishments of students from elementary school through senior high, teachers Emily Derusha and Lindsay Moynihan compiled the video you’ll see below. From Art Prize to Art Moves, our award-winning programs pull away from the crowd!

Just as athletes have multiple types and levels of competition, Jenison art students are involved with a variety of competitions each year:

  • MAEA (Michigan Art Education Association)
  • Region and State Show
  • Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
  • Debut Show at the Holland Area Arts Council
  • Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids
  • our own JPS Art Moves

Judging at each of these competitions involves an adjudication process under the trained eyes of professional judges. A “passing score” moves the piece onward and upward, eventually culminating in the work begin displayed at a gallery or museum with a full reception for the artist and his or her parents, family, and friends.

Mrs. Moynihan, an MAEA liaison, says that winning moments at galleries and museums, while applause-worthy, are only part of the story. The “small wins” she sees in her classroom on a daily basis begin when students who don’t think they’re “good at anything” begin to express an interest in art.

“I’m so passionate about the visual arts and feel so fortunate to be a part of such a strong program with amazing art educators. I’m just proud to be part of a program that is so supportive of the visual arts.”

Congrats to all the artists and teachers who so beautifully represent the Jenison Public Schools art program! For a complete list of competitions and winners from the 2011-2012 school year, please click HERE.

2 comments on “JPS Art Programs Win Gold

  1. Great video! This shows the depth of Jenison Public Schools. Our academics are top notch and our commitment to the arts is unwavering! We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team of art teachers to guide students.

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