Information Regarding the November 6 Millage Renewal

Jenison Public Schools, Millage Renewal, School fundingThis election year, the battle on most people’s mind is the battle for the White House. Signs, TV commercials, and debates remind us that the race is neck-and-neck…and that your vote is critical.

But Washington isn’t the only place vying to get you to the poles. Jenison Public Schools will have a millage renewal on the ballot this fall, and we want to take the time to make sure you have the facts before you enter the voting booth.

Please clearly understand that:

  • The millage renewal is NOT a new tax for homeowners, renters, or non-profit businesses such as Sunset Manor, Waterford Place, or Georgetown Manor
  • The millage is NOT Jenison Public Schools asking for additional money
  • The millage IS merely a renewal of the taxes already being levied. This tax has been in place since the passage of Proposal A in 1994, and directly funds our day-to-day operations.

As Tom TenBrink recently wrote in community letter,

“If this proposal does not pass it means that Jenison Public Schools would lose $3 million dollars in our operating budget. To put this in perspective, should the Operating Millage Renewal Proposal not be approved, we would not have enough money to finish out the 2013-2014 school year. This ballot proposal will not impact the current school year’s operating budget, but it would have a dramatic impact on the following school year.”

To help you prepare for the November 6 election, an image of the reverse side of your voting ballot can be found below. We’ve highlighted the area where you will be voting for our millage.

Please share this information with your fellow citizens and feel free to seek additional information by calling Tom TenBrink at 667-3230.

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2 comments on “Information Regarding the November 6 Millage Renewal

  1. Comgratulations on a decisive victory! Your hard work in getting the word out paid off. We are so thankful for the work you do for our schools!

    • We can’t thank the community enough, Brenda! Our schools could not operate without the support and encouragement we get every day from the citizens of Jenison. Thank you for getting out to vote!

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