JHS Water Polo Team Celebrates Appearance at State Meet

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(left to right) Weston White, 12th; Jason Wesseling, 11th; Travis Bordewyk, 12th; Josh Bouma, 11th.

Four young men.

Four extraordinary water polo players.

The 2012 season has been a memorable one for Weston, Jason, Travis, Josh, and the rest of the Jenison Water Polo team. Their strong regular season standing of 26-5 sent them into Regionals with confidence and poise. Further success followed at at the Regional meet, earning them the opportunity to go on to compete at the State level last weekend where they took 4th place.

While all everyone agrees that teamwork matters more then individual awards, these four men also got their own nod of recognition for hard work in the water. Please join me in applauding:

  • West Region 1st Team & MVP: Travis Bordewyk
  • West Region 1st Team: Jason Wesseling
  • West Region 2nd Team: Weston White
  • West Region Honorable Mention: Josh Bouma

Travis Bordewyk, team MVP and goalie, was shy about dwelling on his own accomplishments, but did admit that something like this did feel pretty special. “Hearing that I was MVP was a really big honor. I’ve been working so hard all through high school and it’s nice to have that work recognized.”

Josh Bouma, whose pool duties range from driver to wing, agreed. “This was my first time actually winning an award — any award! So it’s a big deal for me. I am pleased.”

Weston concurred that the awards are “…pretty cool” but emphasized that for everybody on the team, state recognition is always the goal.

These young men graciously credit much of their success to Coach Pete Hewett, an icon in the sport who was once again named West Region Coach of the Year.

“Coach knows what we’re capable of. Sometimes if we have a really hard practice I’ll think the next day will be a little easier, but it never is. He knows what we can do and he works to help us see that we can achieve it, ” Jason added.

The student-athletes who know him best share that he is affectionately referred to as the “godfather of water polo,” and that his 25+ years of coaching have produced several JHS-grads who have gone on to coach themselves. The team is convinced that this new generation of coaches have learned from the best and now want to pass along what they’ve been taught.

“Pete is more of a friend than a coach,” said Weston. “You can go to him for anything — even school stuff.” Travis was eager to jump in. “No matter what you’re talking about, he can make you laugh. It’s impossible to be unhappy around Pete.”

We congratulate Coach Hewett and the entire Jenison Water Polo team on their outstanding performance this fall!  Bravo!

If you are a water polo parent, please leave a comment below to share a season-highlight moment with our community. What will you remember from 2012?

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