Coats from Choirs Wraps Up Tonight!

Jenison Public Schools, Coats for Choirs, Holiday 2012Jenison Choirs are seeking to do more than send beautiful notes of Christmas joy into Fairhaven Church at this evening’s concert; they’re striving to gather coats, hats, and mittens for Grand Rapids’ Alpha Women’s Center. 

The Alpha Women’s Center is a community outreach that assists young women in crisis pregnancy situations or those who find themselves as young single mothers unable to adequately provide for their children. The 4,200 clients they serve report that one of their largest needs in the winter is warm clothing and snow gear for their children, and Jenison is honored to help fill that need!

We’re proud to report that since our “Coats from Choirs” project began on November 13, it has already taken in some 410 coats! The November 29 Culver’s benefit night was a tremendous support to our efforts and also brought in countless hats and mittens.

Coats From Choirs, Jenison Public Schools, Jenison Junior High

Photo courtesy of Mr. Waters

Tonight’s concert marks our final collection night and our goal is to far surpass 500 coats donated! We feel privileged to live in a generous community who considers the needs of others, and know that this year’s giving will be another indication of our compassion.

To all who have already given and to those who are planning to join us yet tonight, we thank you!

Jenison Junior High Christmas Choir Concert

8:15 pm

Fairhaven Church

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