Jenison Male Chorus Invited To State Performance

Erasmus once said, “Concealed talent brings no reputation.”

If this is so, then the reverse must also be true. And next weekend, Mr. Steven Waters, Mr. Les Rowsey, and the Jenison Male Chorus will have the opportunity to prove it in front of hundreds of the brightest minds in music education.

Jenison Junior High, Mr. Steven Waters, Mr. Les Rowsey, Michigan Music Conference

(above) The JPS Male Chorus practices their performance pieces.

Jenison Junior High, Mr. Steven Waters, Mr. Les Rowsey, Michigan Music Conference

(above) For these students, practice makes perfect!

Each January, music teachers from around the state converge on Grand Rapids to attend break-out sessions, learn together, and listen to selected school choral performances. Doing so as a group helps to set and maintain a standard for excellence in music education while reaffirming philosophical standpoints in their field.

Due to their history of exemplary performances and overall reputation for talent and skill, the Michigan Music Conference has foregone the typical application process for the Jenison group and has invited the group to perform at next week’s meeting in Grand Rapids. Under normal circumstances, groups desiring to perform are required to submit an application and audio recording in order to be considered, but in this case, the Chorus’ reputation has garnered acceptance on its own.

Jenison Choirs at all levels have applied, submitted recordings, and have been accepted several times over the past three decades, however the opportunity to perform without going through this process is extremely rare. The male chorus group will be collaborating next week Friday, January 18, with Mr. Lon Beery, a conference coordinator, composer, arranger, and educator who will also present around the topic of changing male voices. His session is entitled, “Working with Middle School Men,” and will take place in the International Ballroom at the J.W. Marriott Hotel at 9:30 a.m.

We send hearty congratulations to Mr. Waters, Mr. Rowsey, their accompanists, and the outstanding group of young men who will so proudly represent Jenison Junior High and High School at the Michigan Music Conference!

Best of luck!

3 comments on “Jenison Male Chorus Invited To State Performance

  1. Does not surprise me a bit. They are two awesome teachers!!!! My daughter Kari Zoeller Snyder did that also. Keep up the great job Mr.Rowsey and Mr.Water’s,

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