Thank You, Jenison Board of Education!

Jenison Board of Education, Jenison Public Schools, Jenison Michigan

From Left to Right: Ms. Amanda Peterman, Dr. Craig Rockwell, Mr. William Waalkes, Mr. Paul Peppel, Mr. Geoffrey Brown, Dr. Eric Hartman (not pictured: Mr. Craig Jenison).

This past Monday night was special for many reasons: not only did Jenison Public Schools honor staff and students at its monthly board meeting, it had the opportunity to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the community members who serve on behalf of us all.

The seven individuals who make up the Jenison Board of Education come from all walks of life and give their time to help guide the district on its path forward. Their input, wisdom, and desire to see Jenison reach its full potential are felt by all who work with them.

Superintendent Tom TenBrink shared a touching reminder that these individuals are true servant leaders who volunteer their time and lead by example. They are driven by a shared commitment and desire to help the district maximize budget dollars, promote the best course offerings possible, and impact kids’ lives positively and meaningfully. Their service to and for Jenison Public Schools models dedication and support for the tradition of excellence for which we’ve come to be known.

“There’s no question: without the leadership of the board, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” said Tom TenBrink

As a token of the district’s appreciation, Mr. TenBrink gifted each member with a pen made by Jenison employee, Jeff Clark. Crafted from the wood of a tree that once stood outside the former district office, the pens are a reminder of our common past and point the way to a future of growth and health. Another employee, Randy Noaeill, engraved the JPS logo on the top of each wood case, adding detail and beauty to each gift.

Like the tree from which these pens came, the Jenison Board of Education reminds us that we have shared roots in this community. The Board keeps us grounded, fighting the erosion of challenging times, and encouraging us to spread a shady canopy over each student who walks our hallways each day.

Their job is not an easy one, but it is one that we applaud and one that we honor.

Thank you, Jenison Board of Education! 

2 comments on “Thank You, Jenison Board of Education!

  1. What a lovely gift for our board members. Jeff and Randy are truly talented, and the fact that the wood has history makes me smile.

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