Jenison High School Thespians Present “Singin’ In The Rain”

Jenison High School, Singin' In The Rain, Jenison Thespians

What happens when a love triangle unfolds onstage amidst lies, deception, and desperate women? The umbrellas and rainslickers come out, of course, because the inevitable love connection ends with some singing in the rain!

With a stage slathered in three coats of polyurethane, our Jenison Thespians have a surprise in store for ticket holders next week! (hint: there’s a reason for the rainslickers!) Stage hands and actors alike have been tap dancing and singing their way to this moment since last summer, taking lessons and receiving specialized instruction to help them live into their characters more fully.

“Going into this musical I knew that everyone would have to put in more effort than before. My devotion to theater was great before, but Singin’ In The Rain requires a new level of commitment,” explained Ben.

Jenison High School, Singin' In The Rain, Jenison Thespians

“This is the most technically difficult and biggest dance show we’ve ever done. Three years ago I never would’ve even considered doing this show. There are so many different scenes — everything is one wheels — being flexible is so important, but these kids are ready,” said teacher Mr. Avery.

Stage Manager KendraVeldt is Mr. Avery’s righthand-woman as he preps for the biggest show of his career. Her job is to oversee everybody — the crew and cast — making sure that fans, umbrellas, lights, boots, and sets are in just the right place…at just the right time.

“Getting people to listen to my instruction, even though we’re the same age, is my biggest challenge. It’s also tough to make sure everyone’s on the same page — that other crew members get Mr. Avery’s directions and notes and deliver on each need.”

Jenison High School, Singin' In The Rain, Jenison ThespiansWith leads comprised of juniors (Katherine Searcy, Jenna Bassett) and seniors (Ben Avery, Matt Wadsworth), this quartet has never been more ready to put on a show worthy to be called a Gene Kelly reprise. They also want to do their hall-of-fame teacher proud.

“The whole show is packed with energy! My character is trying to be a stage actress…at one point I pop out of a cake and that’s pretty exciting!” said Katherine.

“This role combines everything,” explained Matt. “Dancing, singing, and memorizing lines pose unforeseen hurdles. It’s like a puzzle that I have to put together.”

“Getting the courage to sing in front of my peers has been most challenging and intimidating, but also incredibly rewarding,” Jenna shared.

Join us next week for our last spring play in the Jenison High School Auditorium!

Playing Nightly, March 20-24 at 7 pm

For more information about Singin’ in the Rain, please click HERE to view the Jenison High School Thespian’s website.

3 comments on “Jenison High School Thespians Present “Singin’ In The Rain”

  1. My 2 nephew’s are in this play. I don’t live in Jenison, but hopefully I will be able 2 attend 1 of the shows. The play looks very interesting!

  2. The play was/is fantastic. These students put their all into it and it showed. Thank you all for an enjoyable, fun and entertaining evening. One question. I heard that we could order pictures from the play. Does anyone know where or how? thanks a million – Tim O’Donnell

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