JHS’ Green Bean Gives Many a Reason to Smile

At just one year old, the Green Bean in-school coffee shop is doing more than adding a splash of caffeine to the lives of Jenison High School teachers and students. It’s adding warmth, both literally and figuratively, to the lives of all who cross the threshold.

Jenison High School, Jenison Public Schools, Green Bean Coffee Shop

This past winter, after diligent effort by Dr. Brenda Clark and her DECA students Emily Garland, Jon Nordquist, and Anthony Lemanski, the Green Bean was awarded a Gold Level Certification for this School Based Enterprise (SBE). According to the DECA website:

“The School-based Enterprise Certification Program was developed to provide recognition for outstanding achievement by school-based enterprises and to motivate SBEs to strive for excellence and to grow. The program provides SBEs with standards for model school store operation and provides recognition for school-based enterprises at three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The number and type of activities a school-based enterprise completes in each of the twelve sections will determine the level of certification awarded.” (quote HERE)

Jenison Public Schools, Jenison High School, Green Bean

But more than an award-winning feather in our cap, the Green Bean is helping to create community within our student body. With booths for breakfast or biology homework, students are welcomed into this space and invited to snag a muffin and a cappuccino before class.

Student employee and 2013 graduate Desiree Kennedy says that not only is it fun getting to know new people and interacting with underclassman, but working in the Green Bean is a welcome way to break up her day. She knows that making smoothies and pouring coffee prepares her for real-world work, encourages teamwork and collaboration, and creates an atmosphere of friendship.

Jenison High School, Jenison Public School, Green BeanPrincipal Brandon Graham is proud of the success of the shop and is quick to share credit with others.

“The Green Bean has been a terrific real-life entrepreneurial experience for our kids. They helped construct this business from the ground up — from the build out to the business plan to the execution of daily operations. Under the leadership of Dr. Clark, this has been an exceptional opportunity for Jenison High School students to grow.”

When autumn rattle the leaves again and the wind blows colder, stop in for a warm drink and tip your hat to those who are going the extra mile to bring some java to Jenison.

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