We Choose Jenison: The DeWitt Family

This summer we are privileged to share the thoughts from Jenison families who stand as our most devoted and eager advocates. Please join us each week as we hear from parents with students of all ages.

JPS summer, Jenison Public SchoolsMy name is Miranda DeWitt and my husband’s name is Steve. We have one little girl named Kaleigh who will be in 2nd grade in the fall.

Our family moved from the Saginaw area in June of 2012. Steve had grown up in Grand Rapids and after he lost his job we decided to come here to seek better job opportunities.

When we arrived in Grand Rapids we started looking into schools for our daughter who, at that time, was going into the 1stgrade. Kaleigh had attended 2 different public schools in the Saginaw area and we were not impressed with the education nor the organization. We were debating on whether to pursue public or private schools when a good friend suggested checking out Jenison.

Soon after hearing glowing reviews from this friend, we also found out that our neighbor worked for JPS and had nothing but good things to say about it. We decided to take the drive and check it out. After looking at the school and meeting some of the people on staff, we decided to enroll Kaleigh as school of choice and drive her in. We believe that a 20 minute drive is well worth a good education!

DeWittSteve and I have been most impressed with how everything is organized and in order. Sandy Hill has always kept us in the loop with all the info we need. We were amazed that after accepting Kaleigh the office already knew who Kaleigh’s teacher would be! Kaleigh’s teacher Mrs Harig always sends us e-mails and makes sure the lines of communication are open and she is always quick to respond to e-mails. The staff is always friendly and always makes me feel like I am the most important person while I am asking a question.

Our experience in Jenison has been wonderful and we’re so thankful for those who pointed us to this school district. Kaleigh has felt welcomed and right at home since the moment she started!

2 comments on “We Choose Jenison: The DeWitt Family

  1. I have always heard amazing things about Jenison Schools and as Kaleigh’s Aunt I am confident she will have a wonderful experience. She is after all the most creative kid I know.

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