We Choose Jenison: The Edwards Family

This summer we are privileged to share the thoughts from Jenison families who stand as our most devoted and eager advocates. Please join us each week as we hear from parents with students of all ages.
JPS summer, Jenison Public SchoolsThis week we’re pleased to speak with the Edwards Family. Scott and Kasi Edwards have three children: Kyle is in 8th grade, Joanna is preparing for kindergarten, and Isaiah is 2 years old. Here is their story:


“We moved to Jenison 3 1/2 years ago from the Grand Rapids area.  The boys attended Excel Charter Academy, which we loved to death, but as our oldest was approaching the High School years, we realized they would be at GRPS – specifically Ottawa Hills.


At that time the Charter High School, Grand River Prep, didn’t exist, so we did much praying and felt led to put a ‘sale by owner’ sign in our front yard.  Didn’t cost us anything to put up a sign, and with the housing market at an all time low, we really thought our house would not sell.  It didn’t help that about 12 other houses on our block were also for sale.


ScottWhile the homemade ‘for sale’ sign sat in our front yard, we visited many school districts within an hours drive from the airport area, where my husband works.  When we visited JHS, it was the principal who escorted us around.  When he led us down the ‘music’ hallway, and all the choir students saw him ‘pass on by’, they ran out and wanted to show him some song they were working on.  That sold us! We were very excited that that kind of excitement was displayed in the music program at Jenison, and also excited that our boys could continue in both strings and band while attending Jr. High and High School.


We loved seeing how involved and interested the principal was with the students, and how just as excited the students were with the teachers and staff.  My husband tells everyone, “The principal at Jenison High School sold us our house in Jenison.”


We decided to hold open houses on the weekends, trying to get potential buyers through.


It worked.


One Monday, we received a call with an offer.  We sold our house and suddenly found ourself homeless – with a 3 month old.  We knew we wanted in the Jenison School district and were led to our current house.


The pride the students have in the school is what continues to grab our hearts as mom and dad, though the boys would say that being involved in music and marching band is what has them hooked. While it took us a while to figure out what days, and at which school they needed to be at for band and orchestra, eventually we figured it out!  My oldest felt very comfortable in his move musically, and continues to love marching band.


When we think about the people who have made the biggest difference to our family during this transition, the first thing that comes to mind are the Junior High Science Olympiad coach, team, and parents.  We love, love, love Mrs. Sager’s enthusiasm and involvement in Science Olympiad. Both boys have grown and have learned a lot from that program. Even the custodians made a difference and felt like family to our boys!


We are so thankful for the opportunity to have our kids learn in a place like Jenison!”

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