We Choose Jenison: The Arnold Family

This summer we are privileged to share the thoughts from Jenison families who stand as our most devoted and eager advocates. Please join us each week as we hear from parents with students of all ages.

JPS summer, Jenison Public SchoolsThis week we are honored to hear Rob and Leigh Ann Arnold’s story. They have two children currently enrolled in school: Bailey Arnold in 11th grade and Taylor Arnold in 9th grade.  Now, in their own words:

“The girls started attending Jenison at the beginning of the 2011 school year.  We moved from a local private school because we wanted a slightly bigger school for our girls with more opportunities in both academics and athletics.

We have loved how friendly everyone has been.  We really feel like it has a “small” school feel even though it is not as small as our private school.  We have been very impressed with the teachers at both the junior high and high school.   When we went to conferences they really knew our children and had a good vibe on where they were at.   We were not sure we would get this at a little bit bigger school but we have gotten that and more.

While at JPS our children have really developed into leaders.  They are go-getters, have taken honors classes and will be taking AP classes this fall.  Their teachers have instilled confidence in them and they are pursuing things they may otherwise have not.  This spring Bailey ran for class representative and Taylor was accepted into honors English. She additionally just finished her application for AP history.

photo of the Arnold Family, Jenison Public SchoolsTo identify a teacher or  group of people who went the extra mile is very difficult because there have been so many.  The girls swim and play water polo and the swimming community has been wonderful!  Caroline Clement made the transition easier for us in letting us know if we ever had questions about anything to let her know and she would help. She also asked me several times throughout our first year how their adjustment was going– and this lady is crazy busy, so I was very impressed!

In the junior high Taylor’s English teacher was Mrs. Kooi and Taylor loved her!  Taylor never cared much for reading before and now she loves it and will be taking honors English.  Thank you Mrs. Kooi! 

At the high school we have loved so many teachers but I am going to mention Abram Brosseit because he was Bailey’s history teacher during her first year at Jenison and he had a great way of letting her know, and I am sure all the students, how much potential she had and making her feel like she had been at Jenison for years!  Thank you Mr. Brosseit! 

One last thing I would like to add is that the students who have grown up at Jenison welcomed our girls with open arms!  They don’t seem like outsiders at all, what more could we ask for!”

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