JHS’ Zombie Prom Opens Tonight!

With the stage dimmed and a nuclear waste dump aglow, Zombie Prom is ready to light up the night with its off-Broadway tale of forbidden love. Set in the 1950’s at Enrico Fermi High School, bad boy Jonny and innocent Toffee star-crossed sweethearts with more than a few hurdles in their path.

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As the last production in Jenison’s current high school facility, Zombie Prom is a fun spoof for students, but no less serious when it comes to the preparation required for a successful show. In fact, students began rehearsing the play just two weeks into the school year and have been working overtime in recent days to make sure everything is perfect.

Mr. Avery, director, is enthusiastic about Zombie Prom, although the thought of so many years gone by on this same stage is bittersweet for him. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to focus because I keep seeing other shows in my memory. There are over twenty years of plays and musicals scrolling through my mind when I watch these kids perform.”

A younger cast than in years past, this group is energetic and hard-working, proving that while difficult, they have been able to step into the dozens of pairs of shoes left empty by last year’s seniors.

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Junior River Gibbs, Stage Manager for Mr. Avery, says that he’s feeling prepared, and that while the actors may have more challenges with song and dance, the set is manageable for the crew. Additionally, he credits the team’s preparedness to Mr. Avery’s training and equipping.

Seniors Triston Shannon (playing Jonny Warren) and Katherine Searcy (playing Toffee) are passionate about theater and about their future in film or on the stage after graduation. As for Zombie Prom, both say it’s a fun, feel-good show with music that keeps it light and lively.

“What makes this musical different is that the music never stops. It’s more of an operetta, hopping from one number to the next. At first glance, it seems like it’d be easy because it’s silly, but with all the music and choreography to learn, it’s actually quite difficult to pull off,” said Mr. Avery.

Join the cast and crew tonight for a terrific send-off performance in the Jenison High School Auditorium. Show times are:

Thursday, November 7 – Saturday, November 9

7 pm nightly

Tickets available at the JHS ticket window

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