Juniors Get Some Extra Help for ACT

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With the ACT college entrance exam right around the corner, Jenison High School Juniors didn’t let a few snow days and snowy nights stop them from getting some extra help in preparing for the test!  The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement exam designed to measure the academic skills both taught in school and are deemed necessary for the first year of college. The scores are accepted at all four-year colleges and universities and they are used to determine entrance and scholarships.

Beginning on January 22nd Jenison High School teachers volunteered to host subject-specific evenings to 11th graders looking for a little extra help and preparation.  Students were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the teaching staff to take practice assessments and review areas of strengths and weaknesses.  The goal of the prep sessions was to help students reach their full potential on their ACT test which is taken by most Jenison students on Tuesday, March 4.

On Thursday, January 30th the Learning Center was full of anxious and motivated students getting an extra hand with math. They were aided by math department teachers Chris LaHaie, Jeff Malloch and Kristin Terrigno.  Volunteering for this 046-2 copyevent is as important to the teachers as it is to the students benefiting from their extra time.

“I am motivated to help students prepare for the ACT because of the importance it has on their future.  It is a very large task for them to recall such a multitude of math concepts, so helping them recall and learn time-savings tips is very important to us.”   — Chris LaHaie

During the sessions students took a sample assessment of each area found on the ACT and following each timed sample the staff reviewed answers and provided specific feedback on answers and solutions to problems they faced.

The answer review portion of the night is very important and according to Mr LaHaie, “Several students in my break-out session stuck around to review concepts from geometry that they hadn’t seen in a few years, such as finding the equation of a circle.  They commented that they remembered learning the material and they were thankful to have the review so it would be fresh in their minds for the ACT test.”

Students will only have to wait 2.5 weeks to receive their multiple-choice scores, including the Composite score.  Writing scores are normally added about 2 weeks after multiple-choice scores.

Speaking for the teachers that volunteered in all subjects [Reading, Writing, Math & Science] Mr. LaHaie has nothing but admiration and pride for Jenison juniors: “We continue to be impressed with the level of hard work and discipline many of our students possess.  Taking time to come and prepare for these tests on cold, snowy evenings takes a good deal of gumption, and many of the young men and women that attend Jenison High School are working very hard for their future.”

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2 comments on “Juniors Get Some Extra Help for ACT

  1. I would like to say Thank You to all of the teachers who participated in this. Spending that extra time with these students to help them prepare and, hopefully, feel more relaxed about the test is really fantastic and says a great deal about them.

  2. Joyce and all at the central office,
    Just a heads up that we will be starting new earlier deadlines at the Advance soon. It will be 5 p.m. Monday for information to go in the following weekend paper. Quite a challenge! I will let you know when that begins, probably in two or three weeks.


    Cathy Runyon

    Content producer

    Your news. By all means.








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