Jenison Grads Contribute to MSU Rosebowl Win!

MSU Rosebowl

Josh Hoogendoorn [JHS ’12] and Luke Klawiter [JHS ’11] have lots of reasons to be smiling! Both are current students at Michigan State University, each following different academic paths but both found themselves coming alongside this year’s Championship football team at the Rose Bowl!

Josh is an accounting major and is acting as student-manager working with the defensive coaching staff, a role he plans to continue in next year.  Luke is an Athletic Training major [an offset of Kinesiology] who “got the lucky hand” by landing a role with the football team this year as part of his regular team training rotation.

Luke & Josh traveled with the team during their entire 13 – 1 season [8 – 0 in the Big Ten] including the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis.  Luke said that while it was definitely a lot of work, he most enjoyed the behind the scenes nature of his job.  He was able to arrive at the Rose Bowl Stadium early and was awed by the empty 90,000 seats that would soon be filled with cheering MSU and Stanford fans.  One of the most important aspects of training the football team for the game in Pasadena, CA was hydration.  After being with the team for five months and building relationships with the players, Luke and his fellow student trainers had built the necessary rapport required when the athletes needed to be told to drink more water, especially when they themselves didn’t even realize.

Preparation for the game that was played in 70 degree temperatures was key for this Mid West team used to playing in much colder temps.  At the MSU practice field they pumped the temperature up to 110 degrees to get the players acclimated to the heat and need for extra water.

For Luke, being part of the Championship Team was “awesome” and his favorite team rotation so far.  However, he is quick to give credit for his success at MSU to the education he received at Jenison.  “I sing Jenison’s praises for how they prepared me every chance I get and I’m remembering things I learned in high school in upper level classes.”  He feels far ahead of his classmates and “wouldn’t trade the education I received for anything.”

“Josh and Luke were both exemplary students at Jenison High School!  They are dedicated and extremely hard working young men.  We are proud of them and excited to watch them achieve continued success.”
Dr. Brandon Graham, Jenison High School Principal

The entire district is proud of both of you!  Go Wildcats! Go Spartans!

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