Sandy Hill Families Take Time to Spruce it Up!

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This past Saturday morning while many of us were sleeping in or being lazy in our pajamas, Sandy Hill families were busy volunteering to help keep their school looking great!

Each spring and fall Sandy Hill hosts Spruce it Up, an event dedicated to maintaining the curb appeal of the school.  According to Mr. Mroz, Principal:  “Activities range from: cleaning up leaves and trash, fixing plow damage, pickup up sticks or other debris, trimming shrubs/trees, spreading of bark and planting of shrubs.”

A couple of young helpers take a break to chat.

A couple of young helpers take a break to chat.

It’s a laid back morning where volunteers jumped in wherever they were needed and the jobs were decided up on by the parents club throughout the year.  They have also been generous in supplying funding for various needs (shredded bark, removal of yard waste, or parts and assembly of gaga pits for the playground).

Rather than base this around a fundraising element Mr Mroz and the Parent Club see this event as more of a “morning together in the yard” in order to take pride in the property the district provides.

Mr Mroz mans the leaf blower!

Mr Mroz mans the leaf blower!

“Thank you to our volunteers!  The time and effort that has already been spent in the past, and going to be spent in the future, is greatly appreciated.  Taking pride and respecting the property helps instill a sense of ownership for the students that attend Sandy Hill.  Additional time provided by staff outside the school day helps continue to strengthen our sense community at Sandy Hill.” — Mr Mroz

Thank you to all the participants who sacrificed a spring morning to help keep Sandy Hill looking great!
We appreciate you and all you do!

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2 comments on “Sandy Hill Families Take Time to Spruce it Up!

  1. I am so thankful we live in a community that supports their schools in so many ways! Jenison parents Rock!

  2. We had so much fun working as a team to clean up the school. Our rough winter took it’s toll on the grounds and now it looks so much better!

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