Senior Honors Night 2014


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While today marks the last day of school for most of our Jenison students, the Class of 2014 has donned their caps and gowns, changed their tassels from one side to the other and said their good byes to Jenison Public Schools, for many of them, their home away from home for the past thirteen years.  On Tuesday, May 27th the High School Administration and Staff took time to honor those graduating students who have gone above and beyond in their academic careers.

Over 200 students were honored for their achievements including four National Merit Scholars for the first time in Jenison history!  Congratulations to Jeshua Hayden, Kyle Vachon, Daniel Wells, Jason Wesseling! And 45 students were honored for their work in a specific department as chosen by faculty in each department.

There was $4.2 million dollars in various scholarships awarded to students and this was due to the diligent work of students pursuing [and qualifying for!] so many scholarship opportunities.  These scholarship funds are provided by the largest group of “Institutions and Benefactors Providing Financial Support” we have ever had and include schools such as Alma College, Hope College, University of Michigan and University of California Los Angeles and local businesses including Gemmens Hardware and Cracker Barrel.  Moving and emotional Memorial Scholarships were also awarded in honor of Bud Kamradt, Tami Lindemulder, Denise Petkus, Joshua Stedman, Erika Marie West, Dean Wierenga and Richard and Doris Weist.

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For some students, they overcame many health, family, financial and emotional adversities to get to this place of honor but Mr. Terry Dykstra, High School Guidance Counselor, would tell them, “I would want the Class of 2014 to always remember from where they’ve come, to treasure the gifts and talents that they have been given, and to cherish each day, as a gift from God.  They are truly special, and from “special” much is expected!”

Students were also honored for joining the Armed Forces after graduation with a long [and loud!] standing ovation from the grateful crowd!

“Honors Night is always an incredible evening, where we reflect on and recognize the achievements of the graduating class.  For some students in the class, they having been receiving periodic recognition throughout their high school career, but for many [just as equally talented and gifted!], this is their moment of “fame” and recognition and an opportunity for us to say “THANK YOU” to them for making Jenison HS a better place!” — Mr. Terry Dykstra

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124 Students achieved a GPA of 3.5 or above


“This is one of the most motivated classes we have ever had at JHS!  They are outstanding in and outside of the classroom and are dedicated to excellence.  These students are very deserving of all the recognition that they are receiving at honors night!  I’m truly proud of the Class of 2014!” — Dr. Brandon Graham, Principal

Congratulations Class of 2014!  We wish you the best as you look towards very bright and exciting futures.  Know that Jenison will always be home…and, no matter what they say, you can always come home again.

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