Summer Series: Teacher Spotlight on Karl Redmer

This summer we will take time to get to know nine of our teachers and three administrators at Jenison as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan!  Please join us each week to learn about their friends and families and how they plan to spend their summers recharging!


Hello, my name is Karl Redmer and I teach Educational Technology at the Junior High. I am very blessed to be in my fourth year in the district and my eleventh year in education. I am also excited to be in my fourth year of coaching football and baseball here in Jenison at various levels for the last four years.

I have a wonderful and supporting wife, Rebekah [JIA Executive Director] married to for fifteen years in November, have three great boys; Garett [13], Brady [10], and Isaac [8], and feel honored to be living and serving the Jenison community. As a family, we love to travel, we love outdoor activities, spending time at sporting events, having family movie nights, and value our time together throughout the summer months. 

Other than traveling a little over the summer, we are continuing to remodel our home, plan to rework the landscaping in our yard, and will be upgrading our pool and outdoor space in the backyard. I will again be active in summer conditioning activities and athletic camps for Jenison athletes as well. With all these projects and activities, there may not be much time for reading a good book but I do have my sights set on The Legacy Builder by Rod Olson.

I love education because I feel a strong calling to serve others and what better way to do that than teaching and coaching! I enjoy building and maintaining relationships with youth, and look forward to my interaction with them everyday when I get to school. Our kids have unparalleled talents and abilities in so many areas and I truly cherish the moments I get to share and celebrate their accomplishments.

The beginning of the school year to me is exciting in so many ways. First, our students are refreshed and excited to be back in an environment where they can learn and grow yet have fun with friends at the same time. Second, after months away from all my students, I’m excited to see all their smiling and eager faces and it’s so much fun re-connecting. Third, every new school year brings an exhilarating  challenge of molding and shaping minds and bodies to realize their fullest potential in everything they do!


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