Summer Series: Teacher Spotlight on Doug Diekman

This summer we will get to know nine of our teachers and three administrators as well all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week as we learn about their friends and families and how they plan to spend their summers recharging!


This week we will get to know Doug Diekman, Rosewood Elementary fifth grade teacher.  Doug and his wife, Shannon, have three children;  Bryce, Colin and Naomi.

Please tell us about your family!
My wife Shannon and I were high school sweet-hearts and have been married 14 years.  We have 3 kids, Bryce is 11 and in my 5th grade class right now (which has been a great experience), Colin is 9 and he is in 3rd grade Spanish Immersion here at Rosewood and our daughter Naomi is 7, 1st grade Spanish Immersion also here.  I have loved having our kids come to school with me each morning and coming down to the classroom after the day is done.  This summer we look forward to mini-road trips around the west coast of Michigan and just hanging out at home.  We will also be going to my grandma’s taking care of her yard and swimming in her pool.

What are two of your favorite things about working in Jenison? 
The “family” atmosphere that is present in each building and the amount of faith that is shown by staff on a daily basis is also evident in the community.

What is on your summer reading list? 
Mornings with Tozer, Game Changer

Any fun summer plans?
To spend time with my family but also….CHINA!  Excited to go to China at the end of July with a great group of fellow JPS educators to teach at a summer camp in Beijing for 2 weeks.

What does the end of the school year mean to you?
Besides the chaotic “check-lists” to make sure all is done, it is a time for the students to look ahead.  A time for them to make sure they are using each day to prepare themselves for “tomorrow”.  A goal is to make sure all of our students have a sufficient amount of “tools” in their “tool-belt” to not only continue to improve as a student, but more importantly, as a person.

5 comments on “Summer Series: Teacher Spotlight on Doug Diekman

  1. Doug is loved by staff and students alike! I just had a conversation with a few of his former students who very obviously hold a special place in their hearts for him. They talked about never wanting to disappoint Mr. Diekman because they held him in such high regard. He is a master at building relationships. We’re fortunate to have him on the JPS team!

  2. There are so MANY great things I could say about Mr. D. He invests so much into the lives of our children. His vision for our children is not only scholastic. He’s teaching them how to be productive members of society. He goes above and beyond to invest himself in the lives of our children. I treasure the investment he’s made in my children, and I pray that God continues to use him for His glory!!!

    Jodi Knipp

  3. We loved Mr. Diekman. My oldest son, Ryan had him in 6 th grade at Rosewood( Mr. D’s first class I believe at Rosewood). Last year(2013) he graduated from Jenison. and is now a sophmore atGVSU. My son still comes to visit him once in a while, and of course, he still remembers us. Thank you Mr. D, for your dedication to JPS.

    Cheryl VandenBerg

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