Summer Series: Teacher Spotlight on Jaci Cummings

This summer we will get to know nine of our teachers and three administrators as well all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week as we learn about their friends and families and how they plan to spend their summers recharging!


This week we are getting to know Jaci Cummings, First Grade teacher at Bauerwood Elementary.  Jaci and her husband, TJ, have two children:  Addie and Jack.

Please tell us about your family and/or the people you plan to spend time with this summer.
My family is awesome!!!!  They are my heart and soul and I love spending time with them whenever I can.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart, TJ,  for 18 years this December.  We have been blessed with a daughter Addie (8) and a son Jack (1 1/2).  Our family loves to laugh, go on trips together, and try new restaurants.  We love to read together at night from a favorite series.  Our current favorite is Boxcar Children.

What is your favorite summer travel destination and why?
We love DISNEY!!!  We love to go right when school gets out and have so much fun experiencing every part of the parks.  We will be traveling to Disney for Addie’s 5th time in June and this will be Jack’s first time.  We cannot wait to introduce him to Mickey for the first time.  I love Disney because it is so magical!  We love to experience the rides, shows, restaurants and people.  Disney gives our family the perfect chance to experience childhood over and over!

Jaci & her family enjoying their summer trip to Disney!

Jaci & her family enjoying their summer trip to Disney!

What’s on your summer reading list?
Being a first grade teacher, my favorite thing to do is head to the bookstore with a Starbucks and spend lots of time reading all the newest picture books.  I do not have anything special on my list – but I do plan to spend many afternoons, and money, at the bookstore!  I also love to read blogs.  I love to read blogs on teaching ideas, gardening, organizing and fashion.

What are your two favorite things about working in Jenison?
Jenison is an amazing place to work.  It is hard to pick just two things that are my favorite.  I would have to say that I love how “Jenison Public Schools” has become part of my family.  The staff at Bauerwood are like my siblings.  I love to spend time with them both in and out of school and they are wonderful.   Going to district meetings is always like a family reunion, full of hugs, laughter, and sometimes tears.  You know the feeling when you have not seen a friend for a long time, but when you see them it is like you never were apart?  That is how it feels with many of the people at Jenison.
Another thing that I love is that I get to have my daughter and someday my son, with me at Jenison.  I love being able to mesh my classroom family with my “real” family.  It is fun to be able to see her thrive and spread her wings each day, knowing that my friends are her support system.  Even though she is not a student in my classroom, we have a blast discussing and comparing our days.  Sadly, Addie hardly ever gets out of homework since I know the curriculum.

What does the beginning of the school year mean to you?
The beginning of the year always brings butterflies in my stomach and an excitement that keeps me up at night.  It is so fun to meet all my new students and their parents.  I hate to see the summer end, but meeting your new set of kids each fall is the best.  I am so blessed that each set of parents entrust their children in my care each day.  Not only do I get to be with a new team in my classroom, but I get to see my colleagues again and hear all about their summer away from our “Bauerwood Home”.

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