2014 Jenison Homecoming

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This year, Homecoming at Jenison High School was about much more than a parade, a game and a dance.  Student Council made the decision to partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation which became the overall theme for Homecoming and they didn’t stop there!  They also created new activities and fundraising events to make the most of the opportunity to spread the word about the important work of Make-A-Wish.

Freshman float in honor of Princess Ella!

Freshman float in honor of Princess Ella!

Student Council worked with four children who had their wishes granted by Make-A-Wish and those children became the Ambassadors.  Each child’s wish became the inspiration for the floats for each class:  A Cinderella float by the freshmen for Lily who wished to become a princess, a Mickey and Minnie float in honor of Libby by the sophomores, a Star Wars float by the juniors for Brody who wished to become a Jedi and an Olaf float for Ella who loves Frozen provided by the seniors.

“Our Make-A-Wish Ambassadors were an integral part of our Homecoming activities.  They shared the stories of their battles with their diseases at our annual Homecoming Assembly, rode in the parade with the Homecoming Court Representatives of the class who built their wish, held the banner for the football players to run through at the start of the game [with some help from the Cheerleaders!], and escorted our Homecoming Representatives at Half-time.  They even went to float building prior to all the events on the 10th so that they could be involved in the process of creating the floats.” – Tracy Mossburger, Student Council Adviser

Cinderella for Princess Lily!

Cinderella for Princess Lily!

The fundraising activities that were added this year included a Culver’s Night which received a ton of support from our Jenison Community!  Another new addition to the schedule was a community carnival on Friday night which covered the 2 hours between the ending of the Homecoming parade and the start of the game.  It was incredibly well attended by the members of our community.  At the carnival the Student Council organized and hosted games, inflatables, face painting, Disney Princesses, a Jedi and a Stormtrooper, a Petting Zoo, balloon animals, a magician…all of it adding up to an incredible evening!

Reflecting on the Make-A-Wish contribution to Homecoming this year, High School Principal, Dr. Brandon Graham said, “Our assembly was one of the best in school history.  Our MAW ambassadors shared their stories to 1400 kids and you could have heard a pin drop in the gymnasium.  I was so proud of our students making this homecoming “bigger that themselves”!”

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 Jenison High School Students, we’re all proud of you for creating such an amazing event and atmosphere for the Make-A-Wish Ambassadors and all of our community members!  Go wildcats!

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