ArtMoves Showcases Student Artists

You may not know it but your favorite piece of art at your favorite Jenison business may have been created by one of our very own students!  At the 4th annual ArtMoves event last Thursday student artists had the opportunity to display their juried art work for local businesses and guests. But the art wasn’t just for show!  Local businesses are encouraged to find their favorite piece and pay a small fee of $100 to lease it for the year for display in their businesses.  All of the proceeds go directly back into the program and are also used to have each piece professionally matted and framed.

jps halloween 010 copyArtMoves is more than a leasing program, however, it’s a way to “celebrate our visual artists”, says Lindsay Moynihan, Jenison High School Art Teacher.  The reception at the Jenison Center for the Arts to showcase the selected pieces is a joint effort that includes performances by members of the theatre students, Chamber Orchestra and amazing piano entertainment by one of our exchange students.  All of these elements come together to build community relationships and celebrate the talents of our students district wide.  “The idea is that [business owners] bring the artwork to their business and display it for the year and every year come back and lease a new piece so they have fresh artwork every year.”  “The students get super excited to have their artwork out in the community; it’s a huge honor and they’re obviously very talented.”  – Ms. Moynihan

The judging process begins in the spring at all  grade levels and with more than 600 pieces submitted by students in grades K – 12 the judges have their work cut out for themselves as they need to whittle down the number of pieces to only 31!  School wide shows take place across the district for the judges to view the submissions and the entire summer season is needed to mat and frame each piece.  This year, the Industrial Arts teacher from the High School, contributed by building the frames himself.

Senior Erik Larson created his self portrait from push pins while taking Intro to Art!  He is an incredibly talented student across the board, excelling in band, theatre and planning to enter the Bio Medical field in college, and his acumen for the visual arts quickly earned him a spot in AP Art as a senior, skipping the prerequisites.  In Erik’s Artist Statement he says, “For this piece I wanted to see how well I represent a figure using limited colors.  At the time I was also fascinated with Pointillism, thus, the idea struck me to use pushpins as I was taking down a bulletin board in my room.  To plan the location of pins I used a photo and overlayed colored dots that I felt best represented the color of the photo in that location.  Secondary passes of color brought in the shading between the five colors. Many hours and thumb bandages were expended meticulously pushing nearly 6500 pins into the cork board to create the final result.

jps halloween 001 copy

Eighth grader, Arianna Hoeks, comes by her artistic talent naturally as the daughter and granddaughter of artists. She grew up surrounded by crayons, painting and craft projects.  She was chosen for ArtMoves for her piece entitled, “Emperor of the Sea” [below] which was created by painting many small dots and “mixing many colors of paint”.  “I tried to use colors to make it realistic but also did some contrasting so it didn’t look like a blob of dots, so that certain parts would stick out.”

Another featured artist, Rudy Maynard, proudly displayed her piece, “Colorful Giraffe”. Rudy’s favorite part of creating this piece was drawing and painting and she loves using bright, fun colors.  “Someday Rudy would like to be a professional artist and thinks it would be fun to enter a piece in Art Prize.”

jps halloween 020 copy

Congratulations to all of our visual artists for this special recognition for your hard work and talent!  As a community we are proud to support you and look forward to seeing your work throughout Jenison.

If you are a local business owner or know someone who would be excited to partner with these talented students please contact Ms. Moynihan [] to find out what pieces are still available for lease!  To see all the selected pieces please visit the ArtMoves webpage!

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