Rosewood 5th Graders Take on Blogging!

109 copyThe term “blogging” may still be fairly new to the everyday vernacular but we all know that blogs have popped up everywhere, affording all of us the opportunity to share something we feel passionately about or just the simple ups and downs of our day.  They are a learning tool for readers and writers alike and our Rosewood 5th graders are joining in the excitement with their own blogs!

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The teachers at Rosewood were inspired by 5th grade Pinewood teacher, Michelle U’Ren, and the interactive work she is doing with her blog and Rosewood teacher, Doug Diekman, explains that “blogging has become a source of written expression that correlates with today’s social media. As the kids continue their education, blogs will continue to be a source of information as well as an outlet for expression.”

They are not always required to write about a singular topic but the blogs are meant to be a place for students to share a “Good Thing” that they might not be able to share in class.  For example, “over Christmas Break, the blog was just introduced to the kids, and it was the first time many of them used it. Kids who don’t typically share very detailed “Good Things” in class, were posting multiple blogs giving details to the many “adventures” of their break. When we got back to school, the kids were able to read all the posts and comment on them. This sparked great conversations between kids that found out they had similarities about their break. They also enjoyed going back and seeing the comments others post on their blog.”

115 copyWhile the blog posts aren’t graded or edited, the students were introduced to various blogs, the “rules” of blogging and the potential pitfalls to avoid.  Mr Diekman admits, “It is hard not to go and make some quick fixes, but the blogs are also used as a teaching tool for the kids to see their errors. When we look at other writings, we compare this to some of the blog entries and then the light goes on for some of the kids and they go back and make the corrections…those moments are more impactful on the students than us just correcting them.”

The response from students has been very positive and “they have “bought in” to become better writers and knowing that their blog has the potential to positively impact others, has made them excited to share their stories.”

“Students [in Jenison] are not only learning how to use tools to become successful academically, but also socially. There are daily life lessons taught here that the kids will carry with them down the road and now through blogging. It is just another “tool” in their “tool belt” to reach out and begin to make a positive impact on a daily basis in this place that we live.”

You are encouraged to take a minute to explore a few of these fun blogs!
Thank you, teachers, for continuing to be creative with how our students learn!

Motivational Monday / Finish Strong Friday

Elijah Visits Costa Rica!

Jayden’s Awesome Christmas Break!

Mrs U’Ren Issues a Snow Day Challenge and so many students took it!  Here’s Aiden’s proof!

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Young bloggers, hard at work!


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So many exciting stories to share!



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