Bursley Nominated as a Blue Ribbon School!

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Bursley Elementary has been nominated by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School!

The U.S. Department of Education’s [USED] National Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors America’s most successful public and non-public elementary, middle, and high schools. A National Blue Ribbon Schools flag waving overhead has become a trademark of excellence, a symbol of quality recognized by everyone from parents to policy-makers in thousands of communities.*

Bursley Principal Rane Garcia is very excited about the news:  “…this award is a refueling for our staff, the perfect burst of warm energy in the cold month of February!  We hope this nomination brings pride to the entire district and community. ”

MIII1499-2 copyIn order to qualify for nomination for the National Blue Ribbon Award by the state the USED has very specific minimum criteria.  States are invited in the fall to submit a plan to USED for approval which takes those minimum criteria and “customizes” the nomination criteria to closely align with the state’s accountability system.

Some of the eligibility requirements include:
*  enrollment that includes at least 40% of students that are eligible for free and reduced-price school meals and may include students with disabilities as well as students who are limited English proficient, migrant or receiving services under Title I
*  at least 100 students enrolled and it’s recommended that nominated schools reflect the demographic and geographic diversity of the state’s school-age population
*  test results for grades three and higher during the most recent five years

This honor is not only an affirmation of the Bursley teachers and staff but the families in the community as well.  “In the last 10 years the Michigan economy has taken a toll on the Bursley school community.  In that time,our families that qualify for free and reduced lunch have nearly doubled.  Despite this added strain on our families, our students have demonstrated increased academic success.  We believe the key to breaking out of poverty is education. Our mission is clear, critical and urgent.  Each child that can reach their potential is a future adult who will be able to reach their goals and become a fully contributing member of our community.”

MIII1511 copyRane knows that the teachers and staff are working hard each and every day to bring Bursley students their very best and truly believes the recognition by the USED is a team effort — including the hard work our students do every day as well.  “This nomination is an honor.  It affirms the relentless commitment of our staff to the belief that all students have access to that which they are ready to learn.  Whether at, above or below grade level, each child deserves to move forward. Our job is to find a way to make that happen. Education is hard work.  Being dedicated to each individual and their progress can be exhausting.  We have worked for several years to put systems in place that are research based and in the best interest of the kids. This often means we have to put in extra hours, think outside the box, and never, ever give up, to get the job done.  I’m very proud of the accomplishments of our students, staff and community.” 

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“I was thrilled to learn that Bursley Elementary was recently identified by the Michigan Department of Education as one of only 13 Michigan schools who are beating the odds. The work that Mrs. Garcia and her staff are doing to meet the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of their economically disadvantaged students is absolutely amazing. The educators at Bursley elementary are pouring their lives into each and every student to insure that they are successful in their learning.  Their efforts are making a huge difference in the lives of the students whom they have the privilege to teach. It is exciting to see that  all of their efforts are noticed and being recognized by those in the Michigan Department of Education. It is my hope that after the application process is complete that Bursley Elementary will be recognized by the US Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon Award School.” – Tom TenBrink

The Department of Education will announce the winners in September but we congratulate Bursley Elementary on this amazing honor!
You are all winners to us!

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 *Information courtesy of the Michigan Department of Education.

3 comments on “Bursley Nominated as a Blue Ribbon School!

  1. Tom,
    Be sure to keep me updated on Bursley’s status in the Blue Ribbon School program. I know the winners aren’t announced until September, but I wouldn’t want to miss it!

    I’m going to pick up one of your photos from Pink-Out. I had called about the funds raised, but I needed a photo.


    Cathy Runyon

    Content producer

    Your news. By all means.








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