Junior High Student Showcase Shines!

MIII3534 copyLast week, Jenison Junior High hosted their annual Student Showcase benefiting Hand2Hand Ministries and had more than 350 guests!  Through their special soup dinner and Be Nice doorway campaign a little more than $1500 was donated to the local organization.  Hand2Hand partners with local schools and churches to provide meals for students in need over the weekends.  The money raised at the Student Showcase will go to benefit the 2900 students in the Hand2Hand program.

Each year the event grows to include new elements for visitors to enjoy and this year was no exception.  Aside from the soup dinner the Student Showcase highlighted many fine arts groups including the band, orchestra and choir solos.  Guests could watch a recap video spotlighting the East Coast Trip for 8th graders and enjoy displays from various clubs and Science Olympiad. Two basketball games were added this year as well and according to Junior High Vice Principal, Heather Breen, “Our musical performances, theatre monologues, Language Arts Coffee House, Art Club murals, Photography Club displays and Craft Cafe projects were all highlights of the evening.  People lined up to see these student performances!”

MIII3640 copyOnce again, the Be Nice initiative was showcased as well.  Students involved in the Be Nice club organized a classroom doorway decorating competition fundraiser for Hand2Hand Ministries.  They also helped promote Student Showcase by creating posters and flyers advertising the events.  The Student Congress and Lead On groups were also essential in the behind the scenes preparation, advertising, decorating, greeting, serving, collecting money and cleaning up.  The Lead On students even wrote a grant to underwrite costs of the event!

MIII3591 copyBecause the Student Showcase encompasses so many groups and populations of students, nearly everyone is involved and very excited about the evening as it gives them an opportunity to share their talents and hard work with their peers, family members and the community. Ms. Breen says, “Our annual Student Showcase is one of my favorite events of the school year.  It is a celebration of our students’ artistic, musical, theatrical, academic and athletic talents.  This night allows us to recognize our amazing students and the accomplishments they have made this school year.  One thing that makes Jenison Junior High unique is that our students share a passion for serving others and their community.  They embrace opportunities and readily volunteer to help serve others.”

Ms Breen adds, “I would like to thank our Jenison families and community for their ongoing support of our students, programs and events.  I believe that this event continues to be a success due to the overwhelming support of our staff, families and the Jenison community.”  

MIII3557 copy

Students show off a sampling of the soup bowls available for purchase!

MIII3668 copy

Technology Education Classes displays their dragsters, laptop tables and beach chairs made by students!

MIII3549 copy

Lead On students ready to serve your dinner with a smile!

MIII3658 copy

The Crime Scene table where visitors could test different inks to see what was used. Cool!

MIII3669 copy

Those who were brave enough could test their knowledge against our 8th graders!

MIII3650 copy

Students show off their homemade creations! Looks delicious!

MIII3538 copy

Just a small sampling of the musical groups present to entertain guests!

Congratulations to all Junior High students and faculty involved with Student Showcase!  It is truly a special way for the community to learn and appreciate all of your diverse talents and interests!  We’re proud of you!

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