Jenison Graduate Leads at ArtPrize!


This summer we will feature some 2014 – 2015 school year highlights as well as some of the exciting things that Jenison Public Schools are doing throughout the summer!  Please join us each week to discover something new and celebrate a fantastic and exciting school year!

When our high school students graduate they follow their dreams down many paths.  They may travel the short nine miles to GRCC or move out of state for school.  They may attend a trade school to learn a valuable, hands-on skill or they may choose to travel and see the world.  We are very proud to celebrate one of our graduates making a difference right here in Grand Rapids, helping to lead and continue the evolution and development of the world’s largest art competition:  ArtPrize.  Caleb Van Dyke, Class of 2010, is the Design Lead for ArtPrize and finds himself right in the middle of his gifts and talents.

Caleb Van Dyke - HeadshotCaleb has been a member of the ArtPrize team since March 2015 and his job description is a good reminder that ArtPrize is so much more than a once a year event.  “I lead a small team of designers responsible for creating all materials surrounding the ArtPrize event and sub-programming. This includes year-round educational programming and member events. Some of our projects include outdoor signage, apparel and the annual event guide. I am also tasked with designing and developing identities for various sub-brands that fall under ArtPrize.”

I am the first in house Design Lead at ArtPrize, so from day one I decided to give some of our sub-brands distinct identities to reinforce the fact that ArtPrize has year-round programming outside of our 19 day event. I am also proud of the role I played, and continue to play in developing our look for ArtPrize Seven.”

“I love the culture of creativity at ArtPrize; everyone is open to any idea. It is a very collaborative work environment, where we work as a team to make this massive event happen.”

Caleb started his educational path after Jenison at Kendall College of Art & Design as an illustration major, spent some time in Chicago at Columbia College and eventually returning to KCAD and graduating in the fall of 2014 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  When he’s not working Caleb enjoys traveling, watching Tiger’s games and “I love going to restaurants and bars in Grand Rapids.  I design things for fun and I like to shop and cook.”  He is thankful for his education and opportunities at Jenison and continues to draw on the life skills he learned as a student.

“The instructors I had at JPS encouraged an intellectual curiosity that is invaluable working in my field. The graphic design field is all problem solving, so to have a high school education that for the most part encouraged students to find there own way to a solution prepared me well. A couple classes in particular I look back on as influential: Issues & Answers, and AP Art. Issues & Answers allowed me dive into an issue thinking I knew exactly what the right answer was, and typically led me to reconsidering my own positions on things. This helped me gain the ability to go into a project with an open mind. AP Art simply allowed me to make a lot of garbage in order to figure out my own unique voice, plus it helped me understand that it’s ok if your voice changes.”

Congratulations on your accomplishments Caleb!  We can’t wait to see where art and design takes you in the future!

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