2015 High School Fall Athletic Preview


This summer we will feature some 2014 – 2015 school year highlights as well as some of the exciting things that Jenison Public Schools are doing throughout the summer!  Please join us each week to discover something new and celebrate a fantastic and exciting school year!

As we prepare for busy mornings, homework and the first scuffs on those brand new school shoes, our high school athletes have been getting ready for their new seasons.  Athletic Director, Kevin VanDuyn, says, “Athletics is a great extension of the classroom where hard work, teamwork, character and improvement on a daily basis are keys to a successful season.”

This fall Jenison Athletics will support and root for the following teams:

Varsity sideline cheer

Women’s cross country

Men’s cross country

Varsity, JV and Freshman football

Varsity and JV men’s soccer

Women’s swim and dive

Varsity and JV men’s tennis

Varsity, JV and Freshman volleyball

Varsity and JV men’s water polo

MIII1172 copy
Men’s Tennis coach, Jeff Malloch is looking forward to the season and is thankful for his team:  “This is a really good group of guys to coach.  They have a good time and are also trying to improve their skills on their court!  It is always fun coaching them in a sport we mutually enjoy playing.  I am also looking forward to the growth that I’ll be able to watch in this group of guys.  We are returning 8 of 12 players from last year’s varsity team and we are already much further ahead than last year’s team.  These guys have put a tremendous amount of time in the off season, in order to improve their games and compete at a higher level. “

MIII1095 copy

Being a student athlete demands that participants learn time management, dedication and sportsmanship.  Coach Malloch adds,  “A big part of playing high school athletics is competing at a high level, but it is also about representing your team, family, school, and community.  This group of players does that with pride, and it is recognized by other coaches and parents.  We were playing in Traverse City for our first tournament, and I had an opposing coach and multiple parents comment about the sportsmanship and fairness [tennis players are their own officials] they exhibited throughout the day of competition.  This means a lot when there are other players have emotional fits on the court, and calling shots out that may have been in.  I believe that student athletes must be more disciplined now than ever before.”

Of course, all of our contests are important here are some upcoming dates and matches to look forward to:

Thursday, September 3:   1st home games for men’s JV & varsity soccer at noon
Thursday, September 3:   1st home swim/dive meet at 6:30pm
Thursday, September 3:  1st home varsity football game at 7pm
Friday, October 2:  Homecoming game at 7pm

“The state is making graduation requirements more rigorous, and Jenison High School is a high performing academic school with an outstanding staff and leadership.  Athletes need to put their grades first, and then put the time into extracurricular activities.  This may come at a price of not being able to work a job, or not being able to socialize with friends as much as they’d like.  I am privileged to coach a group of athletes who are committed to their studies, sport, and community.” – Coach Malloch

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MIII9671 copy - Copy
MIII1130 copy
MIII9535 copy - Copy
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Good luck to all of our fall sports teams and Go Wildcats!

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