200 Reasons to Celebrate!

6a00e5503379c68834010536bfa3d5970bAs we kick off the 2015 – 2016 school year the Central Office Sentinel is proud to mark our 200th blog post!  Over the past four years Jenison Public Schools has had so much to celebrate and we’re grateful for all the parents, community members and other Wildcat fans who journey with us each week [there are nearly 2200 of you!]!

When the weekly blog began, the Jenison Center for the Arts was still under construction and now it has already hosted musicals and plays by our junior high students, high school students and community members.  Not to mention the many art exhibits and concerts also presented by our students throughout the year!

We have celebrated the inspiring accomplishments of our students including Merit Scholarship Semifinalists, DECA award winners and Junior High Student Council elections.

The blog has been a place to learn and brag about our teachers winning incredible awards like “Music Educator of the Year“, “Director of the Year“, “Science Teacher of the Year” and “Excellence in Education“.  [Wow! Aren’t our teachers amazing?!]

Jenison Public Schools wouldn’t be complete without the many volunteers who spend time with our students in the Kids Hope program at the ECC, dads who stop away from regular life to be in classrooms with Watch Dog Dads and parents and staff members who lead groups like Girls on the Run.

One of the most important aspects of the culture at Jenison Public Schools is that of giving back and participating in the community and our students have certainly taken up important causes and been their champions!  Thank you, students, for taking part in projects such as Make a Wish FoundationYour Change to Change Hunger, Pink Out and the annual Soup Dinner.  You remind us that students and kids aren’t just “the future” — you’re the present too!

We’ve learned about the creative ways our students are learning in the classroom, whether it’s through a field trip to the State Capitol, a fascinating lesson on Anatomy and Physiology, Spanish Immersion classes for our Elementary students or the incredible work done by the JIA, there is a place and an opportunity for every Jenison student!

Thank you for joining us each week as we recount and honor the work done in our schools!  We are thankful for the support of all Jenison parents and community members and look forward to the next 200 posts and, especially, the coming school year!

We Are Jenison!

MIII1119 copy


*graphic courtesy of freshpickedwhimsy.typepad.com

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