What’s New at JIA?

JIA Edits-1013Whether you’re new to JPS or just always been curious about JIA, we are excited to bring you some of their highlights for Fall 2015!  The Jenison International Academy is a fully accredited online school providing to elementary, middle & high school students throughout West Michigan and around the world.  All courses have a state certified, highly qualified teacher instructing and issuing credit.

As the school year is kicking off, JIA Principal, Kristin Graham, is proud to share some of their news:

•   Jenison Public Schools, with the approval of the Michigan Department of Education, operates a local district seat time waiver program operated through     Jenison International Academy. This gives us the opportunity to provide a unique and individualized online learning program for our community and surrounding counties. In past years, JIA has served students in grades 6 – 12, but this past summer the State of Michigan approved JIA to offer an elementary program as well.  For the 2015-16 school year, JIA will serve grades 1 – 12, adding kindergarten programming in the following year.  Benefits of our online program include participation in Jenison athletics, fine arts programs and clubs.

•  JIA strives to produce students that are prepared for future college and career experiences.  We are pleased to announce that all core HS courses were recently approved by the NCAA, indicating that our courses will prepare college-bound student athletes for the rigor that they will face in college. All courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements to allow Division 1 and 2 athletes to participate in our online courses.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.59.29 PM•  By promoting local development of courses with local teachers accessible for students, JIA continues to work to enhance the quality of online courses for our students. To do this JIA staff continues to develop original curriculum using the Blackboard Learning Management System.  JIA now has all core curriculum and the majority of elective courses hosted on our personal Blackboard platform for grades 8 – 12. (jpsonline.blackboard.com) This allows teachers to modify and personalize curriculum, while providing great and enhanced access for students.

Also, during the Fox 17 Football Blitz show that previews High School football, JIA aired its own commercial!  Be sure to check it out here!

Being a student at JIA does not mean you are learning alone!  “Students are welcome to take courses on campus and secondary students can use our drop-in lab.  The only mandatory on-campus attendance is for required Michigan State assessments.  Monthly activities are planned and organized through JIA such as enrichment activities and field trips.  Additionally, all secondary students have weekly live interaction within their virtual classrooms.  Finally, students may participate in school clubs, groups, music & performing arts, and school sponsored events.  This year JIA is also offering MHSAA athletics to all participants that meet the weekly grade requirement.”

Thank you to the team at JIA for working to provide a unique and competitive learning environment for our students in Jenison and beyond!

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