Wigging Out at Rosewood!


Zoie Mokma is a student at Rosewood and sometimes she wears a wig. Last summer when she got her wig she wanted to know how she could give back to those who had helped her so this month Zoie and her mom, Nicole, organized a very special event to honor her wish.

Zoie + her mom, Nicole

Zoie + her mom, Nicole

All Rosewood students, parents and siblings were invited to participate, as long as they had 10″ or more of hair! With the help of Nicole’s mom and sister, who are both hair stylists, they recruited seven other stylists to donate their time. Kids living with hair loss from a variety of illnesses such as cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania and burn victims all deal with a loss of self esteem without their hair and because of the twelve participants who bravely offered their own hair to help them the organization, Wigs 4 Kids, will make 3 – 4 wigs!

Zoie says that having a wig made from real hair is important because “when you first start off you get a synthetic wig and it kind of feels like straw.  Then the next time you go in and there is this beautiful real hair wig just waiting for you on the counter and it honestly feels like a dream come true for any bald kid.  One thing about the real haired wig is that you can do anything any one else can do to your hair.  I think that bald kids being able to have hair is something no one can put in words.  I’m overjoyed that I as a bald kid I can help other bald kids.”

As a parent, Nicole knows the importance of what a real hair wig can do for their child. “You have to see the eyes of the child who benefits from the donation. For a child who has lost all his/her hair, to see themselves the way that is “normal” like the other kids is priceless! The tears of happiness just don’t stop! The moment is indescribable! I really feel this can be, and was for Zoie, life changing. She can choose to rock the bald look or do her wig and look just as beautiful that way!”

Lloyd Gingrich, Rosewood Principal is grateful to Zoie for her bravery and willingness to organize students to support others. “The Wigs 4 Kids event was important for our students because it gave them a way to support children with diseases that result in hair loss.  Zoie is now a 6th grader at Rosewood but she was diagnosed with Alopecia when she was 3 years old but never experience significant hair loss until last year when she lost all her hair.  Her classmates rallied around her and Zoie showed a lot of courage in teaching them about her condition and others who suffer from it.  I think it’s important for elementary age students to participate in this because they are making a meaningful difference in someone’s life.”

Thank you to the stylists and volunteers who selflessly gave their time and their hair to this important cause! Because of you kids will be able to regain some of their positive self image and get back to the business of being a kid!



A shout-out to our stylists: Carol VanDyken, Stephanie Balake, Jordyn Dehoop, Missy Dejong, Nancy Ddisselkoen, Gwen Door + Alison Cochran




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