Clubs at Jenison Schools: High School Swing Dance Club

This April we will be spotlighting three unique clubs offered for students at Jenison! We hope you will join us each week this month to be surprised and inspired by the talents and interests of our kids.

MIII6773Jenison High School freshman, Noah Meekhof not only loves to dance but he has found himself teaching fellow students, as well as strangers, how to look good on a dance floor.  This interest in helping others become better dancers led Noah to start Jenison High School’s Swing Dance Club! “It really started when I began teaching some of my friends in theater, and even some strangers I’d meet, [dance] moves. They loved it so I got the idea to start the club.”

MIII6827The club began this year around mid-winter and meets each Friday in the choir room for an hour. His goal is to have taught the group enough dances to get to the point where they can show up and “just start dancing!” Noah has been enjoying the fun of swing dancing in downtown Grand Rapids for about a year after being introduced to it at his church’s family camp. “I just happened to naturally love it.”

In order to make sure everyone is in step upon arriving Noah teaches the newest members of the club and other experienced dancers help out as well. Of course, there is always a little time to have fun with other music and types of dancing.

The swing dance club had a lot of cross-over with members of the theatre community at JHS and Noah says that “the overall response from other students is very positive and the idea of a club was extremely well received.” He hopes that students continue their interest in swing despite some of the pop culture dance trends he sees. “Swing is a really fun and active dance style that is very easy to learn and non-formal. Also, over the last decade or two party dancing has died. Nowadays anything can pass as a dance no matter how ridiculous or over sexualized.  Swing offers a much classier alternative to today’s poor excuse for “dancing.””

Thanks, Noah, for bringing swing and style back and we hope the swing dance club continues to thrive! We’ll see you on the dance floor!MIII6785



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