Pinewood Plants a Garden

MIII3040Every year our second graders learn about plants, how they grow, their contribution to our environment and which ones we eat! Teachers and students alike enjoy the hands-on nature of the lesson but this year, in conjunction with the Pinewood Wellness Committee, the Garden Committee was launched!

Pinewood second grade teacher, Amanda Roper, says that the idea for a garden at Pinewood has been bounced around for a while and this year seemed like the perfect opportunity to get things moving. “We met a few times and decided to raise some funds through a plant sale. The students then discussed what is needed to start a garden, surveyed parents about the most important things to include in a school garden, and brainstormed what we should plant as our fundraiser. ”

MIII3048The plant sale took place last month and raised around $400 and the committee will discuss how to best use the funds as well as some generous donations from parents. Through a writing assignment, second graders were able to add their ideas and are leaning towards using the money for a fence, planting beds, good soil, and, of course, plants! The committee would also love to incorporate a greenhouse-type structure that would be beneficial for starting a garden in late winter/early spring but each phase of construction will be carefully planned out before any definite plans get underway.

Students will take a crucial role in the care and tending of the future garden. “The students would be in charge of planting the spring seedlings [possibly utilizing the aforementioned greenhouse structure], transplanting and weeding plants, watering, tending to the garden itself-prepping the beds, planting plants, and signing up to tend the garden over the summer. They would also take charge of selling the raised plants at next year’s sale and marketing for the sale. We are hoping to double our plant yield next year with some awesome grow lights that are being donated to us.”

MIII3010A garden will bring a unique element to learning at Pinewood and will allow our students to learn many important aspects of the plant life cycle as well as where our food comes from. “This project brings to life our curriculum and opens the door to a great possibility for community outreach [under resourced families in our community would be possible benefactors for our extra crop yield] as well as providing some great family participation. This experience would provide students with an appreciation for nature and gardening and will give them skills that are life-long, and hopefully lead to healthy lifestyles. Being outside is not only fun, it is therapeutic and good for children. What better way to bring curriculum to life than through this hands-on outdoor garden classroom environment. We see this as a school-wide resource; a place where classes can go to observe the unique biodiversity that lives in harmony in a garden.
Working together to achieve a common goal is something that students will benefit immensely from. They will learn and see, firsthand, the fruits of their labor when the garden is up and running. The amount of pride and strong sense of accomplishment students will walk away with is immeasurable.”

What a joy it will be to see students take that first bite of a fruit or vegetable they planted from seed! We can’t wait to see your garden grow, Pinewood!





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