Summer Series: Student Writing Samples [1st grade]

LogoThis summer we will feature a writing sample from a student in each grade as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week to read these fantastic teacher-submitted examples of excellent writing!

 My Own New’s
By Connor Merritt
[Please note: all writing is as Connor originally penned it. No edits have been made. Limited illustrations by the author.]

Today a cran escaped from the cran-box. The gards could not cech black cran. Who will cech black cran?

CaptureChapter 2 The Big Fall
Black cran ran a long time! Then he fell off a cliff! It was a very big fall!

Chapter 3 Mr. Visser
When the cran landid he saw Mr. Visser! The Mr. Visser rescyud black cran. Blak cran got arrested.

Chapter 4 A Long Life
Black cran spent 7 months there. He was very bord. He had terrible night mares. What a long life!

Chapter 5 Fire Cran
After 2 days in jail, the wall was browk! Fire cran did it! Black cran got out of jail!

Capture2Chapter 6 Fire Cran Move’s
Fire cran got to cold! He had to go away. He went into a vockano. He left on Monday.

Chapter 7 Under Water
Black cran went for a swim. He went under water! He swam back to land! It was so much fun!

Chapter 8 Vidio Games
Black cran really wanted to play video games! But he could not play video games! He was sad!

Chapter 9 Back in Time
Black cram found a time machine! He went back in time! To be continued on Chapter 10. By!

Capture3Chapter 10 No More Black Cran
Black cran zaped himself too far in time.So nobody ever sall black cran again! Every one was very sad!

Chapter 11 Lonely
After 3 days with out black cran all the crans were very lonely! Every one had nothing to do!

Chapter 12 The Bad Ending
After 73 years and 9 months and 22 day’s, nobody could do enything! It was a bad ending!

The End

Connor is a rising 2nd grader at Bauerwood Elementary and his story was selected by his 1st grade teacher, Mr Josh Visser.

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