Summer Series: Student Writing Samples [2nd grade]

LogoThis summer we will feature a writing sample from a student in each grade as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week to read these fantastic teacher-submitted examples of excellent writing!

The Mystery Dog   

by: Julia Smith

Ella loved practicing for the school talent show with her dog, Bella.  Bella could jump over a three foot tall human.  That human was Emma, Ella’s sister.  Bella was the most talented dog or human in the whole school.

One Monday Ella, Emma, and Bella were out practicing for the talent show when her mom said, “Time to come inside for lunch.”

“Coming,” Ella said.

She put Bella outside on her chain and went inside for lunch.  When there were no people in sight, not even any neighbors, someone came and took Bella.  Bella tried to get away by biting that person but the criminal didn’t put Bella down.  Whoever took her, brought her to a basement.  Bella was smart, so she started to come up with a plan.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ella was looking for Bella everywhere, but she could not find her.  She was very scared.
* * *

Bella looked at the person who had taken her and thought “I recognize that face.”  When she got a closer look she realized, “It’s George.”  It was time to put her plan into action.  Bella barked, barked, and barked as loud as she could.  George’s mom quickly ran downstairs to investigate the noises coming from the basement.

She saw Bella and shouted, “George Mark Shield, you return that dog right this minute.  You are grounded!”

George had to go to Ella’s house and explain that he took Bella.  He gave her back to the excited Ella.  Later Ella and Bella won the school talent show!

The author, Juila Smith, is a rising third grader at Bauerwood Elementary.  She is 8 years old.  She has 2 sisters, 2 wonderful parents, and a dog named Rudy.  She enjoys doing crafts, reading, swimming, and writing. Her sample was selected by her 2nd grade teacher, Ms Sabrina Kind.

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