Summer Series: Student Writing Samples [3rd grade]

LogoThis summer we will feature a writing sample from a student in each grade as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week to read these fantastic teacher-submitted examples of excellent writing!

Accepting Change
By: Izzy Costello

What’s up with changes these days? It’s like no one likes them, but I do! They might be one of the best things. Here is an example. My mom was dating a guy named Matt, and at first I didn’t like him at all! Then I got to know him a lot better. It turns out now they are married, and now thanks to my step-dad, Matt, I have two step-sisters Lilly and Audrey, and one half-brother Braxton. Trust me it’s not the easiest to deal with an eight year old, a six year old, and a six month baby. It is hard, but totally worth it. Now when I am down I have someone to comfort me.  I also ALWAYS have someone my own age to in which to collaborate, laugh, and play. My siblings and I love to play jokes.  My favorite part about my sisters and brother is I make them crack up a lot, I mean a lot!

Another time in my life when accepting change was hard was when I learned my dad was dating a girl named Erica. At first I was thinking, “NO!”  Then I thought about Matt and his girls and started to think, “Let’s give her a try!”, and I totally don’t regret that. Then a couple of months later Erica moved in, I would say about July. Then at the end of summer Erica’s girls moved in. My other two step-sisters Lily and Willow are some of the cutest six year olds and four year olds I’ve ever met.  The best thing of all is they look up to me as a good example and a big sister. Those are two examples of how I accepted changes, and I think you should accept changes too.

Izzy is a rising 4th grader at Pinewood Elementary and her writing sample was selected by her 3rd grade writing teacher, Mrs Mary Veldink.

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