Summer Series: Student Writing Samples [4th grade]

LogoThis summer we will feature a writing sample from a student in each grade as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week to read these fantastic teacher-submitted examples of excellent writing!

Charlie Myracle the Superhero
by Abigail Majestic

In a small town called Treehouse Town all of the treehouses were quiet except for a blue and purple one. There was loud music and lots of lights on. That was because this treehouse was owned by Charlie Myracle and his cat Imagine. Charlie Myracle and Imagine never slept. They didn’t need to! They were SUPERHEROES!!! Charlie Myracle wore blue leggings and a purple suit. His suit had a big yellow star right in the middle. Imagine was a gray pussy cat that had blue and purple swirled wings and, could also talk. Charlie Myracle and Imagine could both fly. Even though they were superheros, they had a weakness.

Their weakness was a villain named Sir Hypno’s slowness potion. Sir Hypno was feared by all in Charlie Myracle’s town. Sir Hypno had a sidekick named Linlo. Linlo was a zebra. Sir Hypno wore a black and white jacket and hypnotizing glasses. He lived in a large pair of hypnotizing glasses. Charlie Myracle and Sir Hypno were sworn enemies.

Charlie Myracle and Imagine went out to watch the sunset. Imagine spotted a tiny light and went

MEOW. Charlie Myracle then spotted the light too. He then noticed that it was the glare of Sir Hypno’s glasses! He was plotting a plan! What for? Charlie Myracle then figured out, Sir Hypno was going to hypnotize the town!!

Suddenly, Sir Hypno spotted Charlie Myracle. He blasted a quick ray of his slowness potion and, knocked Charlie Myracle out! Imagine tried everything to wake Charlie Myracle up. Then, Imagine hoisted Charlie Myracle on his back and flew back to their treehouse. Charlie Myracle woke up after an hour of rest. Imagine told him what happened. Imagine said that he had to wait one day until the slowness potion wore off. Charlie Myracle was upset because he had to stop Sir Hypno before it was too late. One day might be too long.

Charlie Myracle was lying in bed that afternoon and said, “Ugg. Just let this slowness potion wear off! I NEED to go stop Sir Hypno!”

Charlie Myracle decided to just go to sleep. Imagine jumped up on his bed and fell asleep too.

They woke up and Carlie Myracle was happy to find out, it was morning! “Come on Imagine, let’s go fight Sir Hypno!” announced Charlie Myracle. They flew out of their treehouse. Off they went to go defeat Sir Hypno! Soon they arrived at Sir Hypno’s house.

“I’m gonna get you now!” exclaimed Charlie Myracle.

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here, Charlie Myracle and Imagine. Linlo I think we have to take out some overdue trash,” murmured Sir Hypno.

“The real trash is you. And, and I’m gonna get your glasses!” yelled Charlie Myracle.

“Wow such impolite words for a guest!” exclaimed Sir Hypno.

“I’m not a guest, I’m an ENEMY!” cried Charlie Myracle.

“Just GO!!!” yelled Sir Hypno.

Sir Hypno’s glasses started to spin. Charlie Myracle knew that meant danger. He slowly backed away. Sir Hypno walked closer. His glasses were spinning faster and faster! Suddenly Charlie Myracle SNATCHED the glasses! “Police!” cried Charlie Myracle. Two police officers came in and took Sir Hypno and Linlo away. “I’ll get you Charlie Myracle!” Yelled Sir Hypno as he was taken away. They were locked up for 50 years.

In the end Charlie Myracle and Imagine got a lovely statue in Treehouse Town. Everyone lived happily ever after, except for Sir Hypno and Linlo!

Abigail Majestic is a rising 5th grader at Pinewood Elementary and her writing was selected by her 4th grade teacher, Mrs Susan Pope, as part of a writing lesson on action/adventure stories, focusing on plot development and dialogue.

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