Summer Series: Student Writing Sample [7th grade]

LogoThis summer we will feature a writing sample from a student in each grade as we all enjoy a beautiful summer in West Michigan! Please join us each week to read these fantastic teacher-submitted examples of excellent writing!

Flint: Soon to Lose all Citizens
By: Melia Brewer

The city of Flint is a beautiful place that will start to lose all of the people there because of the water. In another word, Flint will be filled with lead all in their water, soon to kill many of the people if still drinkin. For a while, the water in Flint has been caught with a lot of lead in the pipes but, now it is more of a problem than ever. Altogether, the Flint river, not using corrosion and switching water systems have started a high level of lead in Flint’s water. Lead is definitely a dangerous thing in water for humans in Flint. It will carry death or seriously bad problems for Flint. Some professionals have found that the lead can cause many problems like learning disability, speech and behavioral problems. If not taken care of every citizen in Flint will be affected. With the increasing amount of people in Flint the more people’s lives will be taken by the lead. With a growing population the more water that will need to be used and more of the pipes will have to be taken care of. Unfortunately, plastic water bottles would be at the bottom because of how cheap and simple it is. Water bottles would be the more economic way to go, but it is the worst because of how fast they would go out. Lead in Flint’s water is a major problem that must be taken care of soon.

Before we can take any actions, we must find out how the lead was even in the water of Flint. The main cause of the problem is that the Flint river brought the lead into the water. “Flint had switched water systems to the Flint river to save money, but found out that there was eight times more chloride than Detroit’s water” (Sanburn). This problem has spread all throughout Flint and might get worse later on. Many of the water in the Flint river had been affected by lead so many of the people had to drink that water. Also, this means people in this situation need the fresh water to drink because they had been used to that and now the water has been affected by lead. The city did not try to do this, but the water became to have lead in it when it reached people’s houses. This is important because it could end up hurting other people if they drink it because there is nothing else for them to drink. We must get rid of the lead in Flint’s water. Another cause that brought lead into Flint’s water is “ The city did not use corrosion to control to prevent the lead from entering the water” (Sanburn). This quote means that when Flint switched their water system the lead was still in there from the Flint river and, the state did not fix the water pipes for clean water after they knew that there was lead in the water. Also, this means that the lead could stay in Flint’s water for a long time because it could start to get worse after awhile if not taken care of soon enough and the proper way. The quote also states, that even if you don’t do one thing to anything something really bad could end up happening.

Certainly, there are many consequences of lead in water, as well as the horrible effects. Lead is basically a chemical element in the carbon group. “ Lead can cause learning disability, speech and language problems and behavioral problems (Detroit Free Press). This states that if someone drinks the lead they could be different in the way they talk, behave and learn all because of drinking that lead water. Also, studies have shown that the lead can cause a different blood level usually a lower blood level. This lead in the water can lead to killing every organ in someone’s body killing them. Lead is obviously very bad for your body and is very likely to give you disability at the least, if not it will cause many unwanted things.

Flint’s citizen’s need the help for a better solution to help them drink healthy water. Other people in Michigan could just send plastic water bottles, but a better long term solution is the people could keep sending money to Flint to pay for more filters according to Bryan McGrath. This means that everyday more and more people could send money to Flint for the water pipes could be fixed. Also, this means that the more money people send the people in Flint the quicker the water can be fixed. Finally this means that the water would stay healthy like it always was and will not get affected again unless they switch water systems again. Another, solution is that the state can start to send filter supplies and water testing kits to Flint according to the Detroit Free Press. This states that the state of Michigan should start to help Flint by sending them their needs because right now they have to handle this all on their own. Also, that means that the state needs to fix this problem or else people from other states will not want to come here because of the bad water, and might think that we are a poor state because the state is not giving up the money to fix the pipes. Finally, that means that Michigan’s population will start to die down because Flint’s water can end up killing a majority of the people that live there, and as of 2013 there was 99,763 people that lived in Flint that could soon all die because of water. A final, solution is to just start to send money for the families to pay for their own pipes to be fixed for good water. This means that other people in michigan could start to help with a shorter term solution with just giving the families that have been affected with the lead money to start to pay for them to have brand new water. Also, this means that if people of Michigan start to send money the families might end up saving the money so that they can end up without having to to buy any plastic bottles. Unless we act now to help others in need all of the people in Flint could be changed in their lives with the lead in the water. And beautiful Flint, will soon lose all of the people if not taken care of now.

Melia Brewer, is a rising 8th grader at Jenison Junior High and is in her second year at Jenison, transferring from Hudsonville in sixth grade. She is involved in many activities at the Junior High, such as volleyball and softball, and plays viola in the orchestra. A favorite read for her is the Hunger Games series. This essay was selected by her 7th grade writing teacher, Ms Deb VanDuinen.

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