Summer Series: Teachers Choose Jenison [Bauerwood]

This summer, in an effort to celebrate the amazing teachers at JPS, we will feature one each week and their decision to make our schools their professional home. We are thankful for their boundless creativity, pursuit of their own education, and passion for not just their students, but the entire school they serve. We hope you will enjoy learning more about these incredible men and women as you enjoy your own season of rest and fun!

4th Grade teacher, Craig Westra:

As a 1986 graduate of JPS, Mr Westra has continued to make sure Jenison is part of his life! “I chose Jenison because I grew up here and attended Jenison Public Schools. Jenison teachers and coaches have been a large part of my life, helping me through difficult times, improvement after struggling academics, and experiencing athletic success.

I think Jenison is a different school district because we encourage children to be multifaceted, yet accepting, while providing them opportunities to explore many different activities.  

Mr Westra sees the support given to students every day at his school. “Bauerwood exemplifies this by being a child-centered building, teaching our students how to encourage, support and respect their peers.”

And don’t think Mr Westra will be kicking back in his hammock this summer! I look forward to summer because I love to work at the high school pool and teach backyard swim lessons. He is also excited to get going again in the fall! “I’m looking forward to working with another group of awesome fourth graders next year.”

Thank you, Mr Westra, for your dedication to our schools and community! We’re thrilled you’re on our team!

Mr Westra was chosen for this story by Bauerwood Principal, Crystal Morse

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