Bauerwood hosts ‘Donuts with Dads’

It’s definitely a sweet time of year when the air turns crisp and we get to enjoy a few remnants of the summer sun. After the back-to-school dust has somewhat settled, fall brings with it many special opportunities to savor the important people in our lives. I just love seeing our elementary schools encourage these special connections by hosting events like “Donuts with Dads”.

Recently, the Bauerwood students and their special father figures were served a simple donut, juice and Biggby coffee breakfast before the start of the school day. Even if it ended there as just a fun thing to do, that would be fine, but there’s more to it. It may not be a huge amount of time but the students clearly appreciate the opportunity for a few quality minutes with their breakfast buddy. They are often seen beaming with pride as they walk into school hand in hand. They love sharing their daily world with someone who loves them and is proud of them. We also see this encouraging connections between more parents and with the school as well.

We’re so appreciative, on behalf of our students, that our gyms get filled when parents have the opportunity to show up for their kids. That’s amazing and that’s just the sort of village we have in Jenison. This year, Bauerwood had another great turnout and fellow dads served over 480 people!

Enjoy these sweet moments and be on the lookout for ways you can brighten someone’s day with a little bit of quality time… and maybe a donut!





One comment on “Bauerwood hosts ‘Donuts with Dads’

  1. To some this may seem like a simple act… it is Huge to our students! For a Dad to come to a child’s school and embrace what they live everyday is Priceless…way to Dad Up!

    At Bauerwood Elementary (and in our Jenison Community) a father’s interest in his child’s education has been found to have a more direct impact on educational outcomes than family background, poverty, or even the child’s personality. Reports show that children whose fathers are active participants in their education are likely to perform better on exams, achieve higher levels of educational qualification, and to harbor a generally more positive outlook on school. The Kiddos believe that they have the support of those they rely on.

    We served over 480 Dads and students. Thanks Dads for showing up. Thanks for all the work from the Bauerwood Family Network. They are doing amazing things this year.

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