Happenings at Bauerwood

We’re so grateful for the face to face classroom experience we’ve had the past 12 weeks, and all of our Jenison Public School teachers and staff have really made the most of it. Fundraisers, playground activities and field trips all helped make this fall feel pretty normal at Bauerwood Elementary.

Minds in Movement

For the past 11 years, the Bauerwood Family Network has been able to fund many great fun and educational experiences for their students. And the annual Minds in Movement walkathon is what helps them kick off each year with a big bang.

Minds in Movement gives the students and families the chance to connect with local sponsors and maximize their fundraising efforts as 100% of donations go directly to the school. The students love it because they are engaged and active participants by walking, and they get to celebrate local sponsors. While the classrooms have competitions for their hard work, the whole school gets to celebrate together as they meet their unified goals. It promotes teamwork, connection and unity within the school and our community!

The face to face and extended traditional Bauerwood students came together for the walking days and worked hard to meet their goals and earn prizes along the way. Hat day… pajama day… movie party… a school wide dance party… all the way up to their top prize when Principal Julie Roby would bring her farm to school! The Roby family enjoys and loves animals and has been involved with animal exhibitions at the Hudsonville Community Fair for the last 5 years. She even greeted the students at the morning gate with a chicken in her arms! Mrs. Roby also brought a horse, goat, guinea pig and some kittens. The Bauerwood students worked hard to reach their $16,000 goal and had a great time visiting with the traveling Roby Farm!

Thanks to everyone who made Minds in Movement 2020 a great success!

Outdoor Discovery Center

Schooling during a pandemic forces field trips to look a little different. Bauerwood students were able to enjoy a “reverse field trip” with the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland. Learning about wild animals in our own frontyard was pretty fun.

Teacher of the Month

Bauerwood Kindergarten teacher, Samantha Duval received a well deserved recognition when she was nominated for a reward from Biggby West Michigan and EightWest. It is great to see families in Jenison nominate Sami (and other JPS teachers) for ‘Teacher of the Month’. Sami loves building a strong community in her classroom and her priority is that every child has a safe, fun, and positive environment to grow in! She received $500 to use how she thinks would most benefit her students. Thank you Sami for your relentless commitment to your students!

New Game

Bauerwood students were so excited to have a new activity on their playground this fall. The Bauerwood Family Network was able to provide the funds for a new ‘9-square in the air’ game while a special thanks goes out to the Sherman and Gillespie families and All Area Plumbing for the installation. The teachers seemed almost as excited to teach the kids this classic game!

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