Thankful for Community

As we spend this Thanksgiving weekend where we can and with whom possible, I sincerely hope this day brings you joy and a renewed attitude of gratitude for our daily blessings. Today, I can’t help but be immensely grateful for my family at home as well as my family at Jenison Public Schools.

This year has thrown each of us unwanted curveballs and forced many customary experiences to be canceled, but I wanted to to remind you that there is nothing that can cancel the unmatched community spirit of Jenison. Our community proudly holds each other up, through thick and thin. No one has to go through anything alone. 2020 has been a year like no other but JPS has risen to the occasion.

On Monday, Early Childhood Center and Bauerwood Elementary teachers were able to deliver family Thanksgiving food baskets to some families of students. This is an annual tradition for them and they were eager to continue, especially in light of this unpredictable year. The classrooms enjoyed helping with the collection and the students know they were a part of helping someone in their very own community enjoy the best holiday possible.

Bauerwood Staff delivered Family Thanksgiving Gift Baskets on Monday.

The Jenison Parent Liaisons is another group that supports our community in big ways, and not just during the holidays. The Jenison Parent Liaisons connect families to resources and support parent-teacher collaboration. JPS families can receive information and support regarding childcare, stable housing, mental and physical health services and other community resources.

The recent orders from the state that has shifted learning to a virtual platform for the next few weeks, may impact families in a variety of ways. Please visit the new JPS Parent Liaisons website to learn more about the support they can provide. The Classifieds page is a great place to see which unique resources they have readily available as well as which items they are in need of. I encourage you to check out the website (and share it with a friend) for resources that may help as you navigate the upcoming days.

If you are looking for ways to help others in our community this holiday season, check out the Classifieds page or the information from Love Inc. Together, we are Jenison! And today, I’m very thankful to be a part of this community.

To read more about the Jenison Parent Liaison program, also check out:

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