Online Learning with Community

Through Jenison International Academy, the Jenison Public School district has had the privilege to offer unique education choices. For the last decade, this fully accredited option has allowed us to partner with families of elementary, middle and high school students throughout West Michigan and even around the world. While it is indeed an online program, there’s much offered locally to create, and enhance a blended experience through community. Families find Jenison International Academy to offer mainly online options, with a community experience that doesn’t leave one feeling isolated or remote.

(*Some photos taken prior to Covid-19 protocols)

Many opportunities for students and families are available to touch base in a face-to-face capacity. Some of these include field trips, student led activities to promote social engagement and in-person learning centers/lab time for homework help.

One innovative program for high school students is called, ‘Transportation & Safety Applications’ and is taught in partnership with Century Driving School. This helps students learn about the safe use of the technology that is now prevalent in all aspects of our life. This includes learning about the responsible use of cell phones and other internet devices, from online safety to understanding digital footprint. One of the tasks is for students to go a full day without their cell phone – a daunting endeavor for a modern teenager! Students also learn about the steps needed to earn a driver’s license in the state of Michigan and about other concepts related to safe driving, especially the importance of avoiding distracted driving. At the end of the semester, they will have completed the requirements of the first segment of driver training education and driving practice, and will be allowed to apply for their learners permit.

Some subjects really come to life in an in-person setting, and Engineering and Science are definitely two of those subjects. Through a series of face-to-face labs, students work with our awesome Engineering and Science teachers on hands-on projects, including items such as creating their own longboard, flying drones, building robot “delivery trucks”, and many other cool activities that bring the learning to life! Complementing these labs are other exciting opportunities that JIA students can participate in, including the Drone Flying Team (competing against other schools) and Science Olympiad. 

Students learning to use Python code language to code a smart robotic arm.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing applying processes to building longboards.

If you would like to investigate additional educational choices, such as completely online or blended learning, please join us for our upcoming informational meeting.

A virtual Informational Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 26 from 6-7pm. Complete the form to register for the meeting. This is intended for families who are interested in enrollment for all K-12 programming for the 2021-2022 school year.

Capstone class: Engineering Design and Development. Seniors returned to a project from Engineering Explorations (a middle school elective) to enhance simple battery buggies with Arduino control structures and hardware.

Our mission is to provide an engaging,

personalized learning experience,

bringing the home, school and world together.


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