Introducing Cat Tracks Outdoor Based Preschool

Nature is a gift that surrounds all of us daily and we have the power to embrace and be caretakers of that gift. We are very excited to introduce The Jenison Outdoor Preschool program through the Great Start Readiness Program. The GSRP is a state funded preschool program for qualifying four-year-old children. The curriculum is implemented in addition to supplemental activities, allowing students to learn to preserve, integrate and engage in the beauty of nature.

The purpose of this program is to impact and engage future leaders to make lifetime environmental decisions. Research regarding outdoor education has displayed greater student focus, cognitive function, test scores, social skills, wonder and creativity. The outdoor preschool program is eligible for four-year-old students on or before December 1. Class meets Monday through Thursday, full days 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM.

“Cat Tracks” Nurturing Through Nature – Outdoor preschool is coming 2021-2022!

Students will spend 80% of their day outside; learning the same literacy math, and social emotional goals as indoor classes. A brand new cabin will be available for any time spent inside. This program implements all natural play elements to support learning and playing. Outdoor gear will be provided, including no plastic toys.

The outdoor program will be available September 2021. This program is designed to provide students with an active and combined learning experience. Students will be interacting with the surrounding environment and utilizing all five senses. The classroom will be a combination of movement, discovery and hands-on manipulation.

Our program will be staffed with the same highly certified Jenison Public School teachers. Our designated educators will have a masters in early childhood with a focus and outdoor education. They will be leading our students with 10+ years of experience.

The addition of this program is very exciting and I encourage families to investigate this amazing preschool opportunity. You may contact the Jenison Early Childhood Center at 616-777-6534 or email Trisha Bassler,

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