Senior Survivor 2021

Season 3 of the Jenison High School Senior Survivor competition recently wrapped up with immense fun, excitement and a huge gift for the community!

Based on the concept of the hit television show with the same name, students are chosen to participate in challenges and sleep overnight at school for four nights while they compete. This year, the group consisted of twelve seniors trying to become the last standing ‘survivor’ in an effort to raise money for Hand2Hand Ministries.

By mobilizing schools, churches, businesses and individuals to provide a backpack of nutritious food over the weekend, H2H is able to serve over 8,000 students in 36 school districts in West Michigan, including ours. It’s a privilege and an honor to partner with H2H. Our students love knowing they are donating and working hard to raise funds that will stay right here in our community, benefiting many of our own students.

The Senior Survivor contestants kicked off the competition with a car wash at the high school, then built tents in the media center and auditorium and officially moved in for their overnight stay. They continued to participate in challenges throughout the week; some strategized and formed alliances with each other. Each challenge awarded the winners with points and more money to put toward Hand2Hand in their name. Challenges included a crazy water balloon fight, capture the flag, a live ‘Among Us’ game, blindfolded maze and a color run. The final contest was a head-to-head fire-building competition between the final 3 survivors.

The 2021 Senior Survivor roster included: Connor Vachon, Brandon Sams, Caleb VanElst, Emily Ruf, Anna Bisonet, Connor Flynn, Amber English, Alex Wood, Kenzie Chapman, Rylee Webb, Natalie Siler, and Ella Uganski. If you know them, ask them about this fun experience!

All the Senior Survivors spent time campaigning for donations to be made in their name, and each partnered with Jenison Elementary School buildings to involve them as well. While the students were participating in the overnight portion of the game, they didn’t get a break from their ‘day job’. They were still attending school and all their regular after school extra curricular activities. It’s a very busy week for the students and they are very supported by tired teacher chaperones, student council committee and local businesses that keep them fed!

The end goal for each Senior Survivor is to raise the most money to help them stay in the competition. And in the end, Amber English was named the 2021 Ultimate Senior Survivor! Her friends at Bauerwood Elementary were instrumental in helping her secure the win. Our seniors knocked it out of the park this year despite all the obstacles they’ve had to overcome! I am extremely proud of them and their teachers!

If you’d like to check out more of the fun in action, tune into the Jenison Senior Survivor YouTube Channel.

Combining the efforts of all the Senior Survivors and their elementary friends, we’re proud to donate an incredible nearly $30,000 to Hand2Hand Ministries.

Thank you so much to our local business friends for keeping our Survivors fed during their event!

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