Traveling 6th Grade Camp

Missed milestone events have made a difficult year even more challenging. Elementary students look forward to being the oldest kids in the building for many years and all the exciting things that come along with it. For many, the 6th grade camp experience is the highlight of their elementary careers. Not only does camp offer some out-of-the -box fun, students also get a chance to learn new things and strengthen healthy relationships. Spending time outside and away from screens and other personal distractions is a wonderful remedy for the stress and malaise some have been feeling this year.

The current challenges of hosting safe in-person activities made 6th grade camp impossible last year. This year we’re happy that it just had to look a little different than we’re used to. Grace Adventures CAMP2U program is a high energy, traveling day camp that operates a fun day for students in a locally-based wide open space, in our case it was a loaned parking lot.

I am so thankful for this creative solution that allowed our students to have a great day with each other and their teachers. Encouraging each other and sharing positive interactions, they were able to grow and try new things through outdoor laser tag, archery, 9-square, gaga ball, obstacles and team building activities, as well as a climbing tower. These smiles tell me they’re thankful too!

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